The WP4

~ a bunch of desperado’s, sailing the oceans of WordPress, entrytaining and edumacating the hoi poloi with panache and and other foodstuffs.

Eddie Harrison, or Dix as he is now known, is a BAFTA-winning screenwriter, producer and journalist with several decades of experience writing for Associated Press, The List, and broadcasting on the BBC. He’s also a Pesky Scot but writes very good movie reviews and sometimes he’s funny. Blog :~

Cap’n Booky Bookstooge is a Mancake Land Surveyor in the US of A, but also a prolific reader and reviewer of books, manga stuff, anime and stuff that I don’t understand. 🙂 He has a unique style, I think it’s fair to say, and he’s always funny. Blog ~

Alex Good is a Refuse Collector somewhere in Canada or France, but also a movies (mostly ancient) and book reviewer of many years. He also starred in a movie called The Hill’s Have Eyes, though I haven’t seen it and is a quizmaster par excellence. He has 3 blogs, one for Science Fiction books ~ another for movies ~ and one for other stuff ~ which includes a lot of Maigret book reviews. He’s mostly funny too.

Me. But you already know me if you’re reading this 😊