Botanical Gardens ~ May 2018 ~ Bluebell edition

The Botanical Gardens are surrounded by native woodlands, (as opposed to tourist woodlands? ) and when we were there the woods were absolutely carpeted with millions, or at least very many, bluebells. After doing the garden, and having lunch we went to photograph them.  Might have gone a bit OTT.  🙂 So here I’m going to have a bluebell~fest if you get bored just move along 🙂           Well you get the idea:). After that, we went back to the car. Now, regular readers who read  Part 1  will know we had to hand our registration number…

The Swiss Gardens ~ July 2017 ~ part 4

Part 1.    Part 2.   Part 3. The Swiss Gardens are also home to 3 peacocks, I couldn’t help taking more shots than necessary, but they are such beauties he’s in here somewhere they were moulting, so I got a couple of feathers Helen found on the ground. We had a wander around the woodlands surrounding the lake, and came across some wood carvings the little house was about knee height Next time we’ll be back in the main grounds seeing more little buildings and follies, so stay tooned!