365 ~ 11th ~ 17th April

Firstly, last week was golden hour week, and every night bar 2 was grey, this week a golden hour EVERY.BLOODY.NIGHT. 🙄🥴

But no good crying over spilt golden hours, on to colour week and this time we are focusing on white, a deceptive colour to photograph as camera sensors see everything in shades of grey and without using flash you end up with a muddy or greyish background, which happened on some of mine, but hey ho, every day’s a school day isn’t it? So here we go..

Day 101 ~ Pair. White has been referred to as the most powerful non-color! It is in this absence of color that we will turn our cameras toward this week. White can symbolize elegance, cleanliness, and purity. It can create a feeling of optimism, balance, and simplicity. However, that absence of color can also feel boring or cold and it can give a sense of emptiness or loss to an image. As you go through this week allow yourself to explore the many facets of White!

I chose Vinnie’s catsocks for this, his little white feet are so cute, and I love a good excuse to photograph the cats.


Day 102 ~ Exterior. (Macro Monday). I don’t have any fun macro equipment for my cameras.  I don’t even know if I have that feature on my phone. Instead, I get in as close as I can to my subject, see where the sweet spot is for my lens to auto focus, and I take a few shots.  Then, in post processing, I’ll crop the photo even further to give it a macro feel.  How do you shoot your macro photos?    

Hmm. Using a camera phone, auto focusing and cropping is a right clart on if you ask me, and that’s just not a macro shot, it’s a cropped shot. 🙄 How do I shoot mine? With a macro lens of course!


Day 103 ~ Peaceful. We all have different definitions of what peace means to us.  We hold it, wear it, experience it or go to it and it brings us peace.  This past year has been especially difficult for many of us and finding some form of peace has sometimes been a struggle.  Being in nature taking photographs is one place where I find peace.  Show us through your daily photo what peace means to you.  And, since it’s colour week, try to include the colour white in your photo.

Well I got home from work and Phil was all stressed over his eyes, and Winnie had been annoying him all morning. Winnie had cystitis too, an on and off problem with her. I grabbed my camera and headed out to do my photo and gather a little peace into myself. I knew I wanted to photograph the blackthorn blossoms for this prompt.


Day 104 ~ Oblong. Have you been enjoying looking for “white” this week?  White is such a clean and pure color. Look around for an oblong shape today. It can be any elongated object that is rectangle or oval in shape. I held up this bar of soap in front of the bathroom window to backlight the photo, and I held it in my palm for contrast. How can you highlight your oblong object today?

Now an oblong is such a bonkers thing as it’s not a noun but an adjective. – A rectangle is a noun referring to a specific type of shape, while oblong is an adjective used to describe shapes or forms. A rectangle can be characterized as oblong. When referring to a rectangle, oblong can be described as when one set of parallel sides is longer than the other set. An elongated or oblong square can be classified as a rectangle, while an elongated or oblong circle can be classified as an oval. This did my head in. FFS’s rectangle or oval would be sufficient, seems to me oblongs are completely superfluous but if anyone’s got a use for them please tell me how! I didn’t know any of this until after I took my picture, which isn’t really an oblong. Oh well that was another school day!

Oblong. (not).

Day 105 ~ Limitless. By this point in the week, you have probably discovered some of the challenges of photographing the color white. Photographing white is all about capturing the perfect balance between highlights and shadows. Creating a monochromatic image can help turn your eye to these things.This image is cut class against a white background. Though my subject is not white, Photographing against the white background challenged me to pay attention to the form and details of each of the pieces of glass. Shooting through layers of glass against the bright background can can create a feeling of the absence of boundaries. Experiment with monochromatism today. Play with shapes and textures. Pay attention to highlights and shadows. The possibilities are limitless! 

Well I completely cocked this one up. I kind of ignored the ‘experiment with monochromatism’ bit and also I got hooked up on ‘limitless’, thinking that was the prompt when really she meant the possibilities with mono are limitless. 🙄 My bad. I should have been photographing glassware by the looks of a lot of other peoples photo’s. So I did my picture, then realised at the last minute I’d messed up so converted it to black and white, which is not quite the same as monochromatic, sigh.


Day 106 ~ Flower. If you find a white flower, remember to set up your white balance on your camera so that you get a true white, and not yellow or blue.  Manually set the settings based on the situation in which you are shooting.  Auto WB setting has a hard time with true white so it is better to have a few test shots to see if you can get your white right in the camera. Have fun finding out how to get the white right!

At least the prompt was not ambiguous. It wasn’t easy to ‘get the white right’ although the white of the flower is OK, the background seems a little blue to me. Still it was fun trying!


Day 107 ~ Comfort. White is a positive colour associated with purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, spirituality, sincerity, humility, understanding and perfection. Take a photograph today of something white that gives you comfort.  Find something beautiful and simple and positive in your world.

Tea. Medicine for the soul.


So a bit of a mixed bag really, I am not winning at white, and it’s something I will have to go back to at some point. White on white isn’t easy, and I will be looking into it for next year. Stay tooned for next week, which will be adventures in ‘fill the frame!’