Midnight Snow

For three days it rained non stop, right up to 11pm last night. Then we went to the kitchen about 11.30pm to make a cup of tea to take to bed and through the window we saw


It’s been a long time since we saw ‘proper’ snow and we ran to the conservatory and opened the door and stood watching, as big clumps of snowflakes floated to the ground, and stayed. It made us smile and wonder. The world was quiet all of a sudden, the traffic noises deadened in the whitening. I grabbed my phone to take some pictures, but it gives an other worldy orange filter to everything

So I took some from all our windows and converted them to black and white

We spent a long time watching it, and were glad that we could enjoy it and not have to go anywhere in the morning. But we got up this morning and it had gone. It left us as swiftly as it arrived, with only a vestige of it’s former self on the lawns and shed roofs. We sighed, our winter wonderland was a fleeting visitor, and I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

Day 357~366

Tomorrow we are expecting Storm Barbara, with gusts of wind between 50-70mph.


The calm before the storm.
The calm before the storm.

Day 249~366

Yay now Autumn has arrived we’re having summer! 🙄 with nice warm days predicted by the BBC weather lady. I beg to differ 🙂

Aneroid barometers have a sealed, air-tight metal box inside. As air pressure rises or falls, the box either squashes inward a tiny bit or flexes outward. A spring is cunningly attached to the box and, as the box moves in and out in response to the changes in air pressure, the spring expands or contracts and moves the pointer on the dial. The dial is calibrated (marked with numbers) so you can read the air pressure instantly. Aneroid barometers measure the air pressure when you knock their glass faces. When you first inspect them, the needle shows the pressure as it was when you last looked at them—however long ago that might have been. Give the glass a sharp tap and the needle will jump to a new position showing the pressure as it is now. The way the needle moves is important. If it moves clockwise, up the dial, the pressure is increasing so the weather is likely to be getting hotter, drier, and finer; if the needle turns counterclockwise, the pressure is decreasing and the weather is likely to get cooler, wetter, and poorer.
There are lots of different units you can use for measuring pressure, in the old days it was ‘Atmospheres’,’Torrs’,& ‘millibars’, though these days pascals and kilopascals are the preferred scientific units to use.

I just read what the needle points at.



Day 184~366

Blinking weather! Most of the day has been rainy, so I did washing of course, some pinks to brighten things up.


and Skye has been fed up not going out, so read up on products available for the home, she loved the two-tone toaster 🙂


and in an all too brief patch of sunshine I managed my shot of a shadow.




Day 181~366

My bloggypal Beetleypete and I are constantly banging on about our inclement weather, and today was another deluge, it rained non stop til about 4pm here. Oh well at least good for finding plenty of reflections and off I went with my camera. Got home and processed and chose the ones I liked, if, indeed, one can like a puddle.  Carried on then clearing out my home office, Phil came home, we h ad dinner, and then I came up to post the pictures. But I realised sitting here with the window open I could (and still can) hear boys out playing footy, the ground is dry,the sky is blue and the sun is out, as if the day had not happened at all. SO I ran outside with my camera and took some sunny reflections, which I like much better 🙂 🌞

But first, the rain

took this near our corner shop

opposite the shop
opposite the shop

same puddle, rejecting the opposite tree
same puddle, reflecting the opposite tree

my favourite, would have been pic of the day.
my favourite, would have been pic of the day.

and then ta daaaa!

that's the sun reflecting in Phils car
that’s the sun reflecting in Phils car

our gaff in Phils bonnet
our gaff in Phils bonnet

windows reflecting in Phil's cars rear end :)
windows reflecting in Phil’s cars rear end 🙂

That’s my favourite so shot of the day!

Day 146~366

I did these in B&W, because today has been grey, and windy and rainy, and it was  horrible going out to shoot the tree. Took my umbrella to protect my camera and lenses whilst I was changing them. Didn’t take the tripod as carrying camera bag, umbrella and that would have been too much, especially as the wind was trying to steal my brolly, so had to use a high ISO.


I think you can make out the silvery water streams running down the bark.



and finally I chose this next one as my shot of the day because I can see a treeman with rain dripping off his nose, blowing raspberries at the weather.



Day 17~366 & a Sunday Fraggle report

It’s been a little while since I wrote a Fraggle report, not since Christmas I think, but apart from my ongoing 366 project I’m still taking shots of the cat and the sunsets :). Work has been busy with lots of places to drive to and lots of clients to see, but no chance to stop and take photo’s, and I don’t like getting out of the car in the rain and the wind! Had a bit of a respite from the weather, and its been cold but no rain for a few days, it’ll be back towards the end of the week apparently.

Onto the pics!

First up has to be the weather, this was the view out of my bedroom window when I woke up last week.




Here are a couple of Skye. This is she trying to decide if she can jump on me while I’m at the computer.


luckily she got distracted.


She still likes to sleep the afternoon away on our bed


and sit on Phil’s knee when he’s trying to do his modelling.


he’s not always impressed with her devotion 🙂

When he’s had enough she comes next door and curls up under my desk on the envelope store!


Caught her sitting on a stool catching some rays on a sunny day



She is so boss of us.

We had a couple of nice sunsets



and I made a diptych of the flowers I’m using in my still life month for the Sunday Challenge group.

TSC diptych

I’m really having fun with my still life month, I think I’m improving along the way, certainly I like the pictures I’ve been doing this week better than the ones I did in the first few days, so feel I’m getting the hang of it. So here is Day 17.


Back to work tomorrow, am just about ready with sorting out clothes and equipment, & charging the programmers and laptop. Have had a bit of an upset tum today so have been taking it easy. Phil’s off to work his week of nights so I’m off to watch a bit of TV with Skye. 🙂

laters gaters

😉 ❤





The Sunday Fraggle report (on Monday)

Well last week was a busy one at work, I did an extra day, and was home late most days, but that’s how it goes sometimes. The weather has been weird, for a whole week most of the country was covered in fog. On Wednesday I had to drive up a steep hill in Northumberland, and at the top came out of the fog to find a beautiful sunny day, and in the first picture you can see Chesters Roman Fort in the distance. But as I crested the hill, the fog took me back into it’s folds.


Last Sunday we had a visit from Shelley with the kids and I got a couple of shots of Liddy,



nearly got a smile from her, but not quite!

This weekend Phil went off to the Nationals, a big model show in Telford, and I had to stay home and look after the cats, but planned a photo outing for Saturday with Sophie. Of course after the fog came rain, so we went to a Winter Fair in Hebburn, which I knew of as one of Phils colleagues, Lesley, makes jewellery and was having a stall there. It was held in a little school and was packed.

I took loads of photo’s so have collaged them or else you’se’ll all be wading through for ever, (not that it’s like me to post loads of photo’s 🙂 ) and yes, you’se’ll is a real word, pronounced yoozle 🙂












We got a bit claustrophobic after a while, the place was heaving with parents and liddle kiddles, and Sophie and I don’t really do well with noisy kids when we’re out and doing our thing, so we skedaddled after we got our pictures. As luck would have it the rain had stopped, and for a little while we had a bit of blue sky, so we explored bit of Hebburn, and I;ll leave those pics for another post 🙂

Another busy week at work and the weather is still pants, so our new patio is still not finished. Am wondering if the builders will ever come back! Anyways, back to sorting out work bits,

laters gaters

😉 ❤












so me and Ben are sitting having lunch in Morrisons car park, Darlington, as you do, and there’s a snow storm around us, (that’s a bit of an exzag), a heavy snow flurry really, and there’s these twiggy trees and bushes and a gollumping red breasted bird of some description chivvying about in the middle of them. Got out of the car to get closer and take a shot, but he retreated when he heard the car’s “you’ve opened the bloody door!’ alarm. It wasn’t the best idea anyway because of the snow and the cold. Got back in and managed to get a shot of him through the (dirty) car window and snow. It’s not the best at all, I know, but it’s enough for me to say this is my first ever Bullfinch. (I looked him up!). Dead chuffed to see one.