Day 330~366

Skye has had a better day today, we are on an emotional rollercoaster with her at the minute, she’s been eating, pooping, and is a bit more awake today. However she’s now living on the kitchen work benches and follows me about the kitchen tops getting in the way when I’m trying to cook, or as shown here, doing the ironing. She tried to get on the ironing board whilst I was doing it, but settled instead on my freshly ironed clothes. At least we have a respite, as tomorrow was going to be vet day if things had gone on as they were.  Very relieved, until the next time.


So on with the ball shots.  Today was a very blue sky day, but cold of course, so I waited until nearly sundown before going up to the Angel of the North to catch some golden hour tones in the sky, and on the angel.

This I think is my fave and so my shot of the day,


but also took some from different angles



and also here’s the angel without the ball,


Hope everyone has a good weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to my USA followers!






Down by the Riverside.

Went out with Sophie and the camera today, visited Wallsend where we were amazed by the size of this…………..



think it is an oil platform, and good to see industry hasn’t quite departed from the River Tyne.

Then went on to North Shields to where the river meets the North Sea, and saw some boats.







We had a good day out, the weather was better than the photo’s show, nice lunch and some good photography opportunities.  Back to work tomorrow, and am going away on Tuesday night til Friday night to be on a training course. Not looking forward to being away, but it’s part of the job so will just have to suck it up.