Alnwick Gardens ~ part 3 ~ flowers

Part 1 HERE.    Part 2 HERE Of course, a garden isn’t really a garden without flowers.  At the top of the central water cascade is where they’re all at, in a walled-off courtyard.  Plenty of tulips in bloom in April of course, all gloriously coloured, such happy flowers to see after a long grey winter.   a lovely magnolia was in bloom too,   always glad to get the macro lens out. Stay tooned folks, more to come. 🙂    

Bradley Gardens

After our visit to Prudhoe Castle, we went to Bradley Nursery & Gardens, had a spot of lunch and applied our macro lenses to capture some of the blooms. The magnolia’s had nearly finished blooming. but the bluebells were gorgeous. Not sure what this plant is but I liked it’s curly wurlyness. Didn’t get enough blur in the shot to make the plant stand out so took this into photoshop and selected the plant and applied gaussian blur to the background, need more practice at it. They had some strange garden decorations, I mean, would you?? and though this one…