Day 145~366

It was summer this morning when I set off for work, and winter again by the time I got home. I didn’t want to spend ages in the cold so decided to macro some of the interesting tree bark features. I wonder what happens to make these. Obviously the first thought that came into my head was ‘ducks arses’! 🙂

Day 144~366

Well I struggled with this one, took lots of shots and different exposures and tried to use the HDR programme, but nothing looked right. So have used a RAW shot and faffed the heck out of it in lightroom & NikFX processing software. I was wanting to show the carpet of buttercups now surrounding my tree with the orangey/pinky glow of the sky, but it didn’t work out. I was being attacked by midges too which didn’t help matters. Never mind, I will try again at some point, maybe in different light! Not my best, but, always learning something!  

Day 143~366

Last night we had a sunset spectacular, so firstly this is a different tree, my old Eucalyptus which has followed me from Mum’s garden, to my house in Hemel Hempstead, potted and put on the balcony at my flat in South Shields, then to the back garden of my home here, and then to the front garden. It has to  be propped up as it leans mightily to the right if left to its own devices, and this the top of  it, silhouetted against a glorious sky. And now onto my Oak tree!  It rained a fair bit today, so…

Day 142~366

Today has been a bit ‘the day after the night before’, as we had our good friends Paul & Lorraine over for dinner.  Lorraine made the most scrummy pate for starter and I made a lasagne for main. Drinks were drunk, music was played, polaroids were taken and final lights out was about 3am. A resounding success 🙂 Some photo’s before I do the tree shot. 🙂 Today I’ve been out to fix someone’s hearing aid, and then went to see the tree. A bit of a boring sky though 😦

Day 139~366

An interesting time at the tree today. Whilst I was there a fracas was going on between 2 yoofs, yelling and swearing and shouting fit to bust.  I just kept my back to it all and carried on shooting. I had spotted some tiny ants running down the trunk of the tree so thought I’d macro one, urk, them blighters run fast, I’d see one on the tree then when I looked through the view finder couldn’t see it, they’re well camouflaged for tree bark.  In the end I saw one heading to a yellow patch of lichen, focused it…