Day 185~366

I went down to the coast today to do a shot for t he sunday challenge group, with the theme of ‘ephemeral’ and was also hoping for some sunshine for a shadow shot.  Fat chance. Cloudy all day 😦 I got my shots for the group, and added a sunny feel to them in Photoshop 🙂 so this evening a lot of farting about with ‘creative lighting’. Tried to get the cat to co-operate but she was a PIA and I gave up in favour of Sideshow Bob, who was less recalcitrant.


Otto arrived yesterday yay!!  It was entitled – Otto plays air guitar – so I thought I’d give him a ghostly air guitar in this pic of him.  I know, I know, he plays lead in the TV series, but I bet he can play bass too 🙂 Thanks to my hubby for the loan of the rickenbacker which I can’t spell. 2 images, light painted guitar, Otto on the induction hob 🙂 blended in layers in PSE9.


  Just a quickie tonight, so much work to do!!  Anyway I was wracking my brain for something to shoot, these cold dark nights don’t make things easy. So I’ve raided my hubby’s Simpson collection and got out my 35mm 1.8F lens, which I haven’t used in ages and shot his Homers!  He has every character on the show except Otto, but eventually found him on ebay, so when he arrives there will be another Simpsons special here!