Days 294,5 & 6

We’ve been to Leighton Buzzard to visit with my son and grandson, weather was a bit meh so didn’t get out a great deal, a bit of shopping and that’s about it.  On the way down the M1 Frego and I stopped at Woodhall services for a cuppa, and Frego spotted a tree she liked over the other side of the motorway. At Ben’s, she was very intrigued by Ben building a lego racing car for Lewis. Today we came home and again stopped at the same service station, but on the North side, and Frego got her tree close…

Day 293~366

‘Hi Frego, whatcha doing?’ “Well we’re going away tomorrow so I thought I’d sort out packing my clothes and camera gear” ‘Is it all going to fit in those little bags?’ “Yes of course when I’ve folded everything up.” ‘You do realise we’re only going for 2 days don’t you?’ “Yes, but a girl has to have options silly!” *Sigh*

Day 292~366

Not the best weather, again it’s been cold with wind chill, but a blue sky later this afternoon, which turned grey 10 minutes after we set of to go train spotting. On the way Frego noticed the sunshine sparkling through the tree branches and leaves, ‘I’ll get some of that bockey stuff’ said Frego, ‘Do you mean bokeh?’ I asked, ‘That’s what I said!’ she said.          

Day 291~366

Frego wanted to go to shoot the beach huts at Blyth this afternoon. “The sun will be in the wrong position” I said, “we need to go on a morning when the sun lights them up!”, “no worries”, she said “I’ll sort out the exposure in lightroom if they come out too dark”. “It’s blowing a gale”, I said, “you’ll be blown away”, “don’t be silly” she said. extra shot for Clare from Mermaids Purse (excellent blog) we give our jellyfish help when they’ve got stung 😀 😀  

Day 289 & 290~366

Too busy yesterday to post, but as always took my daily shot(s).  Yesterday it rained all morning but the sun came out in the late afternoon, so Frego & I took a walk around the block, hunting for autumn colours. The fence was down at the disused railway.  I took some shots here last year, and you could see down the tracks to the horizon, but now Mother Nature has completely taken it back, was just amazed at how dense the growth of plants has been. We are getting some lovely colour in the leaves this year which is apparently…

Day 287~366

Another busy day, did housework and a trip to vet with Skye, and again the weather was cold and cloudy with heavy showers.  I decided to roast some stuffed chicken breasts to have for sandwiches and Frego was bored so took some before and after shots. For a little while the sun peeped through the clouds and light came through the neighbours fence, so she ran out to get a Fence shot for Friday. Phil came home and in spite of the rain had to transfer stuff from the old shed into the new one before demolishing the old one…

Day 286~366

I had a busy day today, went to work, made teas for the shed men, met Phil after his work to go supermarket shopping, had dinner, and here I am now with my photo for today. I didn’t have chance to take Frego out, and anyway the weather was so yuck, more rain & clouds. So this evening Frego thought she’d process some photo’s, and Skego kept her company.