Day 112~366

Oh another sunny day! I did go to work this morning, but had the afternoon to play macro in the back garden. I have a plant that in spring produces  little white flowers, then the new leaves are bright red and turn green by summer, so wanted to capture that. Wish I could remember what it’s called, tried google but not found it yet. It was in my mum’s garden and I’ve had it ever since she died. It’s moved house twice and still going strong, though I think needs a serious re-pot!   I also have my growing patch…

Texturating (faffing about)

Flowers make excellent subjects for textures, and when its grey and cold outside, makes for a fun afternoon. The textures I’ve used come from 2 lil owls and Shadowhouse Creations, you have to buy them from 2 lil owls though I got a free set, but Shadowhouse gives them away for free, which is really cool. There are also several apps for camera phones which can do a good job too.   also nice for using illustrations to quotes.