Teeside Nature Reserve~2017~part 3

Part 1 HERE. ┬áPart 2 HERE. After walking through the meadows we got to the coastal side of the reserve, and the mouth of the river Tees of course there were doggies   came across a washed up crab whilst looking for sea glass and we wandered up to the pier to take some shots of the sea which was a beautiful blue and green After, we walked back to the car, and went off to see the seals at the appropriately named Seal Sands, and they’ll be the next post so stay tooned!

Teeside Nature Reserve~July 2017~part 2

part 1 HERE The nature reserve has, as you’d expect, a fair amount of wild flowers. The reserve is home to 4 different types of marsh orchids, but I only spotted 3 the burnet moths were quite fond of them always there are dandelions and buttercups and pink grassy stuff and finally some poppies the nature reserve is right on the coast, so next time we’ll have a look round there. Stay tooned!

Fraggle Report- Teeside Nature Reserve-July 2017

Sophie and I had an epic trip out a couple of weekends back. Ostensibly we went to see the Nature reserve, and maybe the seals at Seal Sands, which we did, but then did a tour of the huge industrial estate next to the reserve, stopping to take photo’s along the way, until at the end a nice man came out of a guard box and told us we weren’t allowed in there let alone to take photo’s :). He then pointed out that the rules were a bit daft as anyone with google earth could see the whole shebang…