Day 154~366

It’s been a busy day, my lovely nail tech Kendal this morning, then washing machine repair man, (washing machine was leaking but it didn’t do it while the man was here so he couldn’t find anything wrong to fix), then taking Phil to pick up his car from the garage, (he took it in because it had a squeaky brake, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with that either so put some oil on it, no more squeak.),then off to Sunderland shopping for a new sofa and little table for our conservatory, ya know, just incase we have a sunny day. Our present incumbents are in their dotage and of wobbly legs and saggy bottoms and need their graves. Although I may resurrect the table with a mosaic top I was in the middle of making for it at one point in my creative past. Anyway I digress. Then off to visit Shelley and the grandkids for a cuppa, and then home for tea.

We put some washing on.  It leaked.

So then I’m wandering around the house looking at reflective surfaces but couldn’t get any mojo going for doing photography, so I give you my humble bathroom tap, which doesn’t leak, and is nice and shiny. I can see my reflection so it’s a Tap Selfie.  It is not always easy to keep out of the way!



Day 49~366

Should have posted this last night but had a very busy day off getting hair done and manicure, then monthly shopping in Asda.  The sun was out though it was cold, so I took some early morning shots in my garden to make sure I had something for the day. It’s sunny and cold again today, but have no appointments so am going for a walk in a little while, to see what I can find for day 50.

My weather vane.


Jasmine reaching for the sunshine


and my garden tap (faucet for my USA buddies 🙂 )


I think my friend Francis would make something of the shadow on this, but I am no good at pareidolia. 🙂

Thanks Francis 😀