Day 149~366

Trotted over to the tree this afternoon, a bit of sunshine today, though I’ve found that doesn’t help when shooting upwards as the sky gets blown out, not to worry, I’ve got used to the settings I need to cope with it, mostly.

Today I found a nail hammered into one of the upper branches, presumably to hang a swing of some sort from.


But the shot of the day is of some fungus growing on another upper branch, and a tiny spider weaving a web between all the splurges of fungus. The branch is quite high up so had to use the 50-230 cheapo zoom I have.


On the way home I noticed a few spots of colour in the sea of green, and focused on these isolated sentinels of the marshland.

all alone
all alone

seems odd to find just one bluebell on it’s own as they usually are a carpet of flowers in woodlands.


Not sure what the next few are but they stood out amid the grassland




and one of the neighbours has rose bushes in their front bit, but don’t really look after them.



I added a texture to this one for the fun of it

day149-8wand that’s it for today. Only 3 more days of tree now.

The Fraggle Report~ Spidey edition

When practicing photography, a piece of advice that is often given, is to do a study of something, take pictures of it at different angles, with different lenses different times of the day.  So I did the first two yesterday morning. All these webs are the work of one busy chap. I used my fuji XT1 with 18-55mm zoom, and 60mm macro.

House of Spider
House of Spider
The Extension
The Extension
Christmas lights



The Webmaster
The Webmaster
Not a tangled web
come into my parlour...
come into my parlour…

So tomorrow am having a day out with Sophie yay! and we are taking our cameras to Howick Hall,which has some amazing gardens, not been before so really looking forward to it. 🙂

laters gaters