Day 50~366. A rant!

So I went for my walk this morning, into the woodlands over the road from my house. As we’d had 2 sunny days I wasn’t expecting


I had my walking boots on so ploughed on over the swamp, and increasingly had to dodge dog poo, what is wrong with these dog people?? Not only do some of them not poopascoop their mess, the ones that do bag it up then tie the bags up and fling them up into the tree branches or bushes, or just on the ground. I really like doggies, but the owners who walk in this parkland, where kids play for godssakes, ought to have their noses rubbed in the dogshit lying around.  I am not often ‘disgusted’ but today I am.

SO anyway on to my walk and firstly came to the ever changing graffiti wall that sections off the metro track.



Forgive me for not being young and hip, and I do get that Linzi waz there, but what the other words are is beyond me.I make the first one out to be SKUG and the 2nd OZAY. According to the urban dictionary, Skug is Any ugly, nasty, skanky, or generaly unagreeable female. And Ozay is Completely and totally lame Really, lame beyond all reason. Often used incorrectly as just something mildly lame. Well if the cap fits. Is that the best they could do? Not Banksy is it.

Onwards then to the path through the woods.

The trees are bursting with white blossom buds, lovely to see spring coming.


Still ice in the puddles


And ice bubbles


And then what delights do we see?















This is the world we live in, with people who are selfish and careless and have no respect for this planet or other people on it.

Apart from all that (rant over 🙂 ) I took some other pictures:-

Frankenstein’s charger


Path to the colliery



I couldn’t get in to Wardley Colliery as they’ve mended the fence but somehow a Warburtons lorry container and 2 horses have managed to get in!



Keep Out!


Witches knickers everywhere


At the end of the path I decided to walk home by the road and came across Woodbine House, 1833 which in old times was a post office, then a British Legion club.



On up the road..


The Tropics of Parkland Court


go this way


birds in my Happy Eater Tree


and waiting for me to get home..








Tuesday is the new Sunday

Well it isn’t really, just that I didn’t take any pictures at all last week, was too busy on work days and too busy on days off. I don’t like being too busy. This week I am taking my camera’s everywhere and seeing pictures everywhere so I got my mojo back. Firstly, got up Monday morning, and whilst making a cup of tea, looked out of my kitchen window (which I cleaned on Sunday the day before!) and some dirty marks caught my eye. When I really looked it was a very good imprint of a flying pigeon. I couldn’t find a body so either the visiting cat got him when he landed or he managed to survive and fly off.

Blind as a Pigeon
Blind as a Pigeon

So I’ve got to do the damned windows again on my next day off. 😦

Yesterday and today has given us some really nice unseasonably warm weather, and I’ve been to some really lovely places to see clients. On Monday I travelled a long way north to Seahouses. I got there an hour before due to see a client so popped up the road to take a shot of Bamburgh Castle . This isn’t the usual view as most photo’s of it are taken from the beach side, but I didn’t have time to get up that far.

Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle

One day I’ll get up there and take some sunset shots on the beach. I drove back to Seahouses and lunch looking out to the Farne Islands, another place I have yet to do as there’s loads of bonkers birds on it like puffins.

Farne Islands.
Farne Islands.

Today I went back up north but not so far. Just to Newbiggin-By-The-Sea, bit of a mouthful but a really pretty place.

Newbiggin Bay
Newbiggin Bay

The church there, St.Bartholomews has 12th & 13th Century grave stones (which I forgot to look at haha) and is right on the edge of the coast.

St Bartholomews.
St Bartholomews.
The Couple, view from church yard
The view from the church yard

In that picture ^ you can just about make out ‘The Couple” an art installation of a man and woman standing on a plinth out on the breakwater. If you embiggen the photo by clicking on it you can see them, but don’t knock yourself out, it’s another place on my list of places to return to.

fence post
fence post

This was a cool find, he is a fence post, and I think it’s probably a cormorant, whatever, I think it’s cool.

door decoration 1
door decoration 1
door decoration 2
door decoration 2

these guys are at the end of a stone archway over the door of the church, carved in 12th/13th century, amazing to touch something so ancient, and I love that the second guy has teeth! I think they’re guys, haven’t found any info as yet on the WWW.

Pecking order
Pecking order

On top of the world, or at least the church roof. Thought this was funny, all those starlings wanting that top spot!

Finally, it’s turned into a bit of a bird week so far, I filled up my bird feeder in the front garden, and a herd of sparrows swarm it every now and again and fratch over who’s turn it is at the trough.

Band of Spuggy's
Band of Spuggy’s

Got such a mad busy day tomorrow, but hopefully will get out with the big girl camera toward the end of the week. These were all taken with my little compact, apart from the 1st and last.

Laters Gaters 🙂