Day 47~ 366

Had to work in Cumbria again today, 7 hours driving in total, so a tiring day. I didn’t have time really to stop and do good photo’s but I pulled off on the A66 to get a shot of the bit of sunlight that was shining on the snowy mountain. That was it as far as sunshine went! Loved the sky today though, interesting clouds for most of the day.

Day 46~366

Managed 2 shots while out and about at work. This morning I was in the wild lands Darlington County, seeing people in little villages with miles of surrounding countryside, so a nice drive, though snowy in parts. Firstly, had to be done, I do love the photogenic qualities of wind turbines. and later further down the road I got the snowy landscape, but boring sky, and I don’t do replacements!


So tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. I will no longer be ‘an independant’ but a partner in a limited partnership with some other former independent colleagues and our management company. Contract signing day tomorrow, and tonight a get together with colleagues to discuss all the implications and issues of the contract. So am back in Southport at the Royal Clifton Hotel, after a journey from east to west over snowy hill and dale. So today’s photos are with the Hipstamatic and taken along the way.


  So, no subject,~ leading lines leading nowhere, ~I just about managed the rules of 1/3 for the  horizon.  But this is how my day at work panned out photographically speaking, miles and miles around County Durham, ever changing skies, snow blizzards one minute, blue skies and sunshine the next, and sometimes both simultaneously.  I was really pushed for time, so I only took this one shot, and prayed for decent focus and comp. Hand on heart -the horizon was wonky and I had to straighten it and I used color fx pro to bring out the detail in the…


new boys on the block. Two of these turned up at 8.30 this morning. This is only one of them though. Unfortunatley Monster pidgeon was hogging the trough so I don’t think they got any food from my feeder. Was at work today so maybe they came back. Don’t know what they are, tried he RSPB bird identifier but it wasn’t conclusive, one of my contacts somewhere will know though cos they’all so birdy~clever, thankfully! And guess what, someone did!  This is a Male Reed Bunting, quite special to see them as they are not usual garden burds, but when…


Not the best ever bird shots, especially Chubbs, but am pleased that 2 different robins are sharing my garden. In looking up Robin’s earlier this year I found that they are very territorial, and will fight to keep their bit of land, or should that be sky? Whatever, I have for a while spotted 2 different ones, and today they both visited simultaneously, not fighting, and quite harmoniously taking it in turns at the feeder. Apparently this means they are a pair, so that’s cute! One is very chubby, and the other is skinny, so if they are like me…


well he finally got the snow, and here we can see Mickey climbing the iceberg and reaching the top, he might be in luck and catch a seal from here. But probably not as we don’t get many seals in Wardley. I urge anyone with a TV to watch the documentary that inspired these shots, if nothing else but for the amazing photography of the beautiful antarctic, or is it arctic? anyway a very big snowy place with icebergs. The documentary is being repeated on the Beeb this week, but full episodes also on Youtube illuminated with the old LED…