Simonside Country Fair~August 2017~ birdy edition

Part 1.  Part 2.

As well as lots of doggies at the fair, there were a couple of Llama’s mooching about

but most exciting, at least for me, was the birds of prey display.  On the whole I do not like to think of birds being trained or caged, but the chap who owns the birds and did the display explained all about each bird. Some are endangered species, some are rescue birds, all are loved and cared for, and all are absolutely magnificent.  I took loads of photo’s, but will try to restrain myself here 🙂


bald eagle
Harris Hawk
Barn Owl

And that’s the end of our day out at the country fair.

Stay tooned for next time when we’ll be visiting the Pow Hill Nature Reserve on a sunny day up in Northumberland.

Simonside Country Fair ~ August 2017 ~Doggy edition

Part 1.  

Of course everyone and his dog had a dog at the country fair, so it would have been rude not to photograph some of them.  They had time trials for dogs to fetch a little bean bag which was fun to watch

That little doggy wanted the beanbag back when he’d done his run!

They like to meet up

they had a horse and hound display in the arena

I was really surprised when the announcer invited everyone in to pet the dogs! Considering they are trained to hunt and kill, it seemed a bit odd especially as the place was full of kids.

But they were really lovely and so gentle, the kids and the dogs, well just about everyone had a good huggy time

Sophie is wary of dogs, but Mentat and I piled in and Sophie followed as she wanted to get pictures of Mentat with the dogs.

I got accosted and Sophie took a couple of me and ‘my’ dog 🙂

it was over far too quickly!

This little puppy was tucked in his owner’s arms, so cute

just cuteness everywhere really

and they had a Novelty Dog competition which was fun

a very good day for doggies.

Stay tooned, we’ve still got birds of prey, a pipe band and more stuff to come!








Fraggle Report~ Simonside Country Fair~August 2017 ~ part 1

Sophie’s boyfriend, (can you be girlfriend/boyfriend over the age of 30/40 I wonder, maybe Manfriend would be more suitable) Mentat, came over from sunny Spain, to have a holiday with Sophie in rainy England, and we went out one weekend to visit Simonside Country Fair. We hadn’t done a country fair before so were excited at the prospect of dog racing, birds of prey, a pipe band and horses and hounds. All sounded like great photo ops to us.  So off we went, and here are some pictures I took of the day.

There was a sheep show!

and sheepherders

This chap was giving a talk on British snakes.

We visited the make, bake and grow tent and inside found a chap making wooden walking sticks with decorated handles

there was a competition for home made goodies, I wouldn’t have minded a tipple of the gin!

Outside one of the sheep was being roasted for dinner, (sorry veggie pals) and Mentat and I decided that was us sorted!

but when we went back at what we thought was lunchtime, it had all gone! They have early lunch in the country it seems.

More parts to come, of course, so stay tooned!