The Swiss Gardens ~ July 2017 ~ finale

Part 1. Part 2.  Part 3. Part 4. The last shots from around the Swiss Gardens. We came across a tiny church nestled in the bushes. inside there was a stone bible and gorgeous stained glass windows There is also a grotto & fernery, which is interesting as it is made up of  Pulhamite, artificial rockwork invented in the 1840s and used until the 1880s for pre-cast garden or architectural ornamentation.  It was built specifically to house ferns and other shade-loving plants in one half of the structure,  and to give a warm and sunny environment for more exotic flowering plants…

The Swiss Gardens ~ July 2017 ~ part 4

Part 1.    Part 2.   Part 3. The Swiss Gardens are also home to 3 peacocks, I couldn’t help taking more shots than necessary, but they are such beauties he’s in here somewhere they were moulting, so I got a couple of feathers Helen found on the ground. We had a wander around the woodlands surrounding the lake, and came across some wood carvings the little house was about knee height Next time we’ll be back in the main grounds seeing more little buildings and follies, so stay tooned!    

The Swiss Gardens ~ part 3

Part 1                   Part 2 More from the garden, my pal Helen, getting the shot and that was which was the ceiling to this an Indian pagoda apparently, many in Switzerland I’m sure 🙂 Helen wanted to take me up to the lily pond, so under a little bridge to find a ‘no entry to the public’ sign, which Helen promptly climbed over and I followed on, we didn’t get caught and it was worth the risk That’s it for this part, stay tooned, still more bits and bobs to show.  

The Swiss Gardens~ part 2

Part 1. The Swiss garden tour begins here, though really we just wandered around being amazed at the scope of it, so many odd things to see that you don’t expect in a garden, and everywhere was beautiful. dog heads on benches were a thing we saw in yesterdays post, here’s another one but eagles were a bit of a thing too only one lion spotted though (do they have lions in Switzerland one wonders,) and a fishy fountain looking grumpy as there isn’t any water and then there’s this huge urn and another and a font parked up and…

Fraggle Report ~ The Swiss Gardens at Shuttleworth ~ July 2017

Still down in Bedfordshire, dog sitting for Ben, and the visit to the Swiss Gardens was my second day out shooting with Helen.  There will be a few parts to this report as the Garden is huge, staggeringly beautiful, and I took a lot of photo’s of it. 🙂 The History Bit Back in the 1820’s, holidaying in the Swiss Alps was a bit of a thing, and inspired a fascination for all things Swiss.  A rather well-to-do young man who happened to be the 3rd Baron of Old Warden, Lord Ongley, whose family had owned the estate since the…