The Hartlepool Report – Part 2

Thought I’d best get on and finish this, so on board the Trincomalee, Britain’s oldest fighting warship. I thought the waxworks/dummies were done really well, I think they must have made latex masks of reall people to put on the dummies, they were very realistic. After we got off the ship, we had a look round the museum and that was that. Jiggle Joggle. All in all a great day out, lots to see and learn. Am looking forward to more decent weather, it’s turned cold and rainy again here 😦 nevermind, spring is on the way! laters gaters 😉

The Hartlepool Report~part 1

Last Sunday my pal Sophie and I had an outing with our camera’s, and went to visit Hartlepool Historic Quay. This from the website… Hartlepool Marina’s centrepiece is the award-winning Historic Quay – a faithful reproduction of an 18th century seaport portraying the exciting experience of what life was like at the time of Nelson and Trafalgar. Hartlepool Historic Quay is home to the Trincomalee – Europe’s oldest floating warship! HMS Trincomalee 1817 is berthed afloat at Hartlepool Historic Quay, where a major award-winning restoration and interpretation of the Ship was completed in the early summer of 2001. You can read more about the…