Days 212 & 213 ~366

We have had our grandkids Callum and Liddy for a sleepover this weekend, so everyone was inveigled into helping me finish my shadow shots this month.

This the one from yesterday

To Infinity and beyond
To Infinity and beyond~Cal & Buzz


and watching in the wings

Grandad & Liddy
Grandad & Liddy


and before today’s shot, some of the kids

Cal & Grandad 'Wardley United'
Cal & Grandad ‘Wardley United’




Cal being a basketball loop!
Cal being a basketball loop!


Liddy the ball girl
Liddy the ball girl


nope, it's mine, get your own.
nope, it’s mine, get your own.


And this is my last shadow shot


Next month is Colour month. 🙂




Day 209~366

Orchids are not the easiest of things to grow apparently, but for a couple of years I had 4 plants of varying colours on my front windowsill, that bloomed regularly and lasted for ages when they did, with the minimum of interference from me. A bit of water now and then, a bit of orchid food now and then, and they were a happy little bunch. Then Storm & Skye came, and Storm, well, she was ill though we did not know it when we got her, and part of her illness made her eat strange things, like LP covers, knife handles, cat litter, paper, and orchid roots. So I moved my orchids upstairs, where the blooms eventually fell, and since then, never returned. After she died, I moved them back to the window ledge, and there they sit, watered, fed, but without their beautiful flowers. It’s been 7 months since Storm went and I keep hoping.  Today I was in the supermarket and saw some Orchids at ridiculously low prices, so I bought one, in the hopes it will encourage the others, (OK that didn’t sound bonkers in my head at the time) and this evening when the sun came out and went down in the space of 10 minutes, it’s shadow was quite glorious.



Day 208~366

Phil & I went into Newcastle today as he wanted to buy tickets for Bad Company who are coming to the arena in October. Strange to see it in daylight and without herds of people.


When we were walking out of the station I noticed some chaps up a height, looks like a scary job to me!


I took my little Nikon S1 with me incase the sun came out and I could get some shadows, and whilst we sat and had lunch did some sneaky street shots, love the expressions that turn up,



aw, so cute when the oldies are still holding hands 🙂


Crossword break




this is my shadow shot of the day


but my fave shot of all is this next one- what the well dressed photographer about town should be wearing 😀 the gloves in particular make changing settings on the camera so easy 😀 :D.  His model is the chap on the right wafting his hand about.

Ninja Photographer
Ninja Photographer





Day 207~366

Still got this blinking cold, and fed up of having the sniffles 😦  Another cloudy dull day too, so back to creative lighting. Anyway at least I’ve been inspired to sort out my play room and made a table for doing macro’s and still life work. On which I made the shot for today, some acorns (nope! pine cones!!)I’ve kept from a trip to Eindhoven last year. They make fab shadows I think.


Day 205~366 & The adventures of Skye

With the advent of warmer weather, Skye has taken to going further afield in the neighbourhood.  As she has been an indoor cat for 6 years until we got her, we are now behaving like over-protective parents.  Unlike other cats who seem to keep a low profile and keep away from people when they are on the prowl, Skye has taken to wandering down the communal path that runs along the bottom of our garden, and stops to meow at everyone she comes across and makes friends. She’ll do it 3 or 4 times an evening, and Phil is out there after a while seeing where she’s got to. He’s made a hole in the fence that runs alongside the path as she won’t jump over it, 🙄 although she’s perfectly capable, so she can come through that way, and we’ve asked our neighbour if we can cut one in the fence between our houses as that seems to be the end of her journey, and she stops there and shouts til one of us notices and goes to get her.  We are not worried that anyone will steal her so much, more that dog walkers or nasty boys might give her a kick or a dog will frighten her.  I wanted my tea in peace this evening so kept her in and shut the catflap, but she got cross and started punching it so I had to let her out again. People think we’re mad of course, but she isn’t street-cat-smart yet. I suppose she’ll learn and we’ll get used to it. Fingers now crossed for rain every evening because she doesn’t like to go out then!

Daytime snoozing
Daytime snoozing
New favourite place
New favourite place

and whilst I was out chasing her, the sun was just going down and letting out it’s last burst of gold, and I caught the shadow of my ivy that climbs the doorway and front of the house.


day 202,203 & 204~366

Have been feeling a bit under the weather, (daft saying considering), and seem to have picked up a cold from the ether as I haven’t been in contact with anyone, so the last 3 days have been a bit miserable.  In spite of that I managed to cook a Chinese banquet for Phil’s sister & hubby yesterday, and managed a shadow shot each day, though not very inspiring ones.

day 202
day 202
day 203
day 203
day 204
day 204

hopefully will feel better tomorrow and can get out and about, but for now I just want to curl up and batton down the hatches.


Day 201~366

The hottest day of the year, 27° and it was pretty but also horrid. I do not live in a country where these temperatures are the norm for any length of time, so I never acclimatise.  I am acclimatised to 16° and lower, maybe 18/19° on a good day, with intermittent rain. I pine for lovely weather, and when I get it I can’t cope. Couldn’t sleep, felt vaguely rough, but still went out for a photography trip with Sophie. We stuck local incase I felt worse, so visited Washington Old Hall, which has a tenuous link to George Washington, 1st of his line of presidents of the US of A. His ancestors lived in the hall, but moved out about 120 years before he was born on Pope Creeks Estate, Virginia USA.

Anyways, at some point my trip there will be a Fraggle Report, argh I have quite a few saved up now :/

Next to the Hall is trinity Church and we went to take shots of the cemetery as you do, and I found this grave which looked really different from most, and old.

WOH-70 copy

It says…

Easter, doughter (daughter) to John Rogerson Departed this life March Y 5.

I’ve never seen a grave with Y 5 as a date so I did a bit of research on the net and discovered that in medieval times, although ‘Y’ was not technically a roman numeral, people used ‘Y’ to replace the number 150, which means that Easter (fab name!) died and was buried in 1505.  Thats 200 yrs or so before USA was founded! 17yr old Henry VIII becomes King in April of that year! Trinity church has had a site there since the 1100’s so it’s not surprising, but to me it was a great find. I wonder if there is anymore information buried underneath because it looks to me that the land has taken over the bottom half of the tombstone. I wanna dig it up!

Apart from that my shadow shot of the day, on a younger model, 1870, no biggy 🙂

WOH-55 copy

Such history at our fingertips.



Day 200~366

Can’t believe I’ve made it to 200, only another 166 to do 🙂

I went for a short walk this evening, just over the road into the wilderness!  I took some shadow shots of fences





but I like this next one best, The Tunnel of Shades 🙂

day200 copy