Day 199~366

A cloudy if humid day for me today, so am back to making my own shadows. Have employed the Rickenbacker, which hasn’t been played for a few months now while Phil has been building his tanks and playing Dr.Frankenstein with his little men.  The tanks are finished now and soon my evenings will be musically embellished with this and many other bass’s. Sunshine predicted for tomorrow and Tuesday, so I will hopefully find some shadows out and about.

Day 136~366

On my way to the tree I saw a near miss… 🙂 and then I got to the tree.  There was a boy sitting in it, who asked me what I was doing, so I told him about my project. He thought it was cool that I was taking a picture of the shadow, and he said he’d try to make himself look like branches. 🙂 I can see him though 😀

Day 49~366

Should have posted this last night but had a very busy day off getting hair done and manicure, then monthly shopping in Asda.  The sun was out though it was cold, so I took some early morning shots in my garden to make sure I had something for the day. It’s sunny and cold again today, but have no appointments so am going for a walk in a little while, to see what I can find for day 50. My weather vane. Jasmine reaching for the sunshine and my garden tap (faucet for my USA buddies 🙂 ) I think…