Herrington Country Park~ March 2018~part 4

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So on we go over the dinosaur rib cage and back towards the lake, alongside a rivulet where we watched a swan doing it’s thing


Oooh look at me!!!
I’m so pretty!

Back at the car park we came across a hound meeting

Eau de Beagle

I think they were Beagles after googling doggy pictures.

Corporal Beagley
Reflecting Penshaw’s Folly

Saw this cute little lad at the cafe while we had lunch


and then after lunch, back to the lake for more birdy shots

We watched a seagull fighting a tern for some bread

OY! That’s my bread!
gimme gimme!

Birds on a buoy

In the distance the sky did a thing over the standing stones,

And that’s the end of our day at Herrington.

all images can be clicked on for bigger versions so you can appreciate their magnificence so much better 🤣  

Full album can be found HERE for more birds and stuff.

Stay tooned, though god knows what for, the constant rain has put paid to Sophie and I going anywhere since this day, but we’ll be back! Meantime I’ll be over at The Other Place, click on that and I’ll see you there 🙂






Day 54~366

I was working in Sunderland today, managed a couple of pictures. Firstly I stopped for lunch in a carpark and saw a Mum and her teenager on top of a car,


Later in the afternoon I had to park up on the sea front at Seaham, while I waited for a client to get home from her bowling match, it was a bit wild and windy, so just took a couple of shots.

The beach


and the safety belt,


Think I like that one most, so that is for the daily shot!


Day 35~366

Finally got outdoors with the camera 🙂 think this is the first time in the 366!  Anyway I had to go visit a friend in Whitley Bay so went over to St.Mary’s Lighthouse and took a few shots there. The first shot is the one I’ve chosen as shot of the day, but am also including some others I took, as I’ve been experimenting with various processing platforms.

The Daily Shot


The tide was rising and covering the causeway, so getting over to the lighthouse wasn’t possible. I was taking shots from higher up the path when this couple walked down and stopped to look. Processed in Silver FX pro.


I got wet feet taking this one, processed in Aurora HDR which does nice things with single shots as well as bracketed ones.


Walking back along the sea front I spotted the dead flowers on one of the memorial benches, processed with LR presets by MCP.

Back at the carpark an elderly couple were feeding the seagulls with their left over sandwiches.


again in Silver FX pro, I quite like the blue tinge.


I think Silver FX pro is going to be my first port of call, this one also from there. I always take them into PSCC for finishing touches, I have some brilliant actions I bought ages ago by Paint The Moon  and find them easier to use than the brushes in LR.

Lastly I’m posting a shot SOOC using the jpeg monochrome setting in the fuji, mainly for Reinhold who suggested I had a go.


It’s OK but I think I will stick with RAW or RAF as they are in a Fuji. I can do so much more with them!



redcar 2

Well what a change to have some kind weather and blue skies. And what a change to get a 1/2 hour lunch break by the sea down at Redcar.  A strange place is Redcar, it has a beautiful sandy beach, but is surrounded by industrial stuff. A wind farm out to see, and a power plant further down the coast. It belches out smoke from its chimney’s all the time. COrus steel works are in Redcar too, so the sky is always hazy even on clear sunny days like today.  Anyway it was nice to have a break and get a couple of shots of my fave birds too!