Day 180~366

Today was my last day at my job. The people I work with are usually voices on the phone, or email conversations. Our Head office is 3 hrs drive away so I rarely get to see them. Today I had to go and hand in all my equipment and have an exit interview. It was lovely to see everyone and I took them biscuits and Gin for my boss of 10 yrs, and Prosecco for one of the girls who bent over backwards to help sort my appointments out, and pictures of my cat for the lad that took over…

Day 32~366

Here we go into February and on to black & white.  Still going to be using flowers and indoor stuff on work days by the looks of it. I took my camera to work with me just in case, and spent my journeys in a B&W frame of mind, but no time to stop and the weather is blowing a hooley.   Never mind, it’s all practice.  I processed this in several different ways in B&W, I found it difficult to make a choice about it all to start with, so ended up playing around in different softwares and with…

Day 31~366

Well that’s January over, and the end of the still life section of the 366, though I guess there may be some in amongst the other themes. I have really enjoyed this month, looking back at the beginning the first few shots were not very interesting, and not that well composed either. After day 5 I seemed to make a leap forward when I started trying to tell a story with the items I was choosing, and then also found out to do the simplest of shots like the flowers in the vases on a windowsill. I feel my composition…

Day 26~366

Only 5 more days of still life left, and my conservatory is full of flowers that refuse to die! I couldn’t help buying some more yesterday in Tesco’s as they had some different ones to Asda! This has one of my latest bunch of roses in it, I love the red/yellow contrast.

Day 15~366

Holy moly we have blue skies! Still freezing and the snow is still around, but a bit of sun and blue certainly makes a nice change.  I heard on th e radio that one village in Pembrokeshire, Wales has had rain for 80 consecutive days! 80! I’d shoot meself. Anyway here’s my photo to celebrate the blue! Also posting the final part of Fuerteventura on the filmblog, must sort out the next lot!  

Day 6~366

And breathe! Today I took a more simple composition, seemed less stressful than all the breakfast stuff in a short time span. But as I’ve finished work more or less I had more time to process and get what I wanted it to look like. Also I love my little wooden heart, it was a wedding present, and love is lovely. 😀 So romance instead of food.  I don’t have a studio or lighting, so am learning to adapt to the gloomy conditions. Thank any available deity for Lightroom, Photoshop etc! this goes with it

Sunday again

It comes round so quick! Another busy week, is there any other kind?  As usual I didn’t get a photo on Monday, must have a mental block but on Tuesday I went to see  client who lives in Finchale Abbey Village, which is like wooden lodges set in the Abbey Grounds. It was a beautiful day and I had to take a picture of the Abbey as I left. There’s a river behind the Abbey so am going to have to do a proper shoot down there at some stage. Wednesday was my first time (and last!) in my new…