Watersmeet & The River Tyne

Any Geordie native will tell you he/she has the waters of the River Tyne running through their bloodstream, and I think it’s conceivable that after 15 years of drinking the tap water up her, that I have too. The Tyne has been romanticised in many a song, who can forget Jimmy Nail & Big River, or Lindisfarne’s Fog on the Tyne, or the beautiful Sailing to Philadelphia by Mark Knopfler and James Taylor. It’s even mentioned in a song by the country singer Gretchen Peters, in her song England Blues. When I first moved up here 15 years ago, I…

River Tyne Cruise~ July 2017 ~ part 3

Part 1 Part 2 Nearly back to our starting point now, and some old industrial buildings on the river bank, and then the newer Hilton Hotel The sage, some boats and some dolly birds 🙂 worth 2 views of the Sage, it is amazing! The Baltic Flour Mill, now converted into a gallery for contemporary art, and some people on the Millennium bridge That’s it for the river cruise, but we took a few of the quayside as well, so will do those next time. Stay tooned! 🙂  

River Tyne Cruise~ July 2017~part 2

Part 1 HERE Travelling up the Tyne we saw plenty of birds, and I got lucky to catch a shot of a heron Back in 2012, the BAE plant, previously Vickers-Armstrong, on the river was a closed down with the loss of 300 or so jobs. It’s now been taken over by the Reece group,had a £20 million revamp and it’s 500 workers manufacture equipment including tank parts, sub-sea products and pot-hole repair technology. More bridges We saw what looked like racehorses in a dubious looking stable building there had to be a pub at some point and these reminded me…

Fraggle Report~River Tyne Cruise~July 2017

A couple of weeks ago, when it wasn’t rain, Sophie and I embarked on one of the river cruises which set off from the Quayside in Newcastle. There are 2 choices, you can go Quay to sea, a 3 hour trip to the piers at the river mouth, or Quay to countryside, a 2 hour trip going under 11 bridges, as far as Ryton Willows, which is the one we took. Setting off under the Millennium bridge   the quayside buildings bridges churches and high rises graffiti of course I ❤ Tar? hole in the wall more to come so…

Bridges over the River Tyne~ finale

Part 1 HERE. Part 2 HERE. Part 3 HERE & 4 HERE  Some more pictures of the Market on the quayside by the Bridges Flower stall Hearts of gold coming or going beads Loved the mirrors this guy was making lovely little details Biker boys View of 5 of the bridges taken on the millennium bridge So that’s the lot, new report next time 🙂 stay tooned!

Bridges Over the River Tyne ~ Part 3

Part 1 HERE.   Part 2 HERE After we got to the end of the High Level Bridge it was time to go to lunch, and we found a fab little cafe called Long Play Cafe, as well as serving great food and coffee, they have a record deck and loads of music on vinyl which you can play if your sitting next to the deck After lunch we walked to the Swing Bridge and went across it and back again. The hydraulic power still used to move the bridge is today derived from electrically driven pumps. These feed a…

Day 347~366

Phil’s on night shift this week, and the temperature is quite mild, so took a trip into South Shields and shot the Port of Tyne from our side of the river, lots of pretty lights and reflections. Better if you click on the picture to embiggen it I think.