Day 165~366 NSFW

really how stupid, NSFW. These are scale models made & painted by me, but you’re not allowed to look at anything resembling a booby at work, so be warned!

These are a few of the models I made and painted back in my other life, they sit in a triangular cabinet that has mirrored backs and have lighting above them. I got home late tonight and was panicking for a subject, these will have to do.


Day 164~366

It rained yesterday afternoon, and overnight, and this morning, so I went in search of puddles for my reflections.





I stopped by last months tree to say hi 🙂


and I took some pictures of raindrops on stuff





and this was my shot for today


I told Phil I’d only be out for 10 minutes, but ended up spending an hour & half traipsing through the woodlands, just as I got home he’d come out looking for me as he was worried!  Of course I hadn’t taken my phone as I wasn’t going to be long 🙄doh!

Back to work tomorrow, lots of people to see and driving to do. Have a good week Wordypeeps!



Day 153~366

June the 1st and a new theme, Reflections. I am quite glad to be able to do this indoors today, as winter has returned where summer used to be.



Weekend nearly over now, after a busy but disappointing week at work, car trouble, cancellations, only a couple of sales, sigh. Was glad to get to Friday night! Had a lovely weekend though doing not much at all  :).  Had a play with my glass Crystal Balls and camera, took me a fair while to figure out the lighting and how to shoot them without reflections and refractions so a good exercise.

greenballs redballs blueballs