Aydon Castle & a poppyfest ~ June 2018

Part 1 HERE After exploring the interior of the castle we went outside and had a wander too. The back end of the castle is right next to a very steep ditch, but there’s a path to walk around it, Lots of daisies heading down the valley   and flowers growing by the castle walls       and then we walked down to the poppy field, passed some horses who wouldn’t stop stuffing their faces for a photo 😦 The sky started out blue so I got a few shots of the poppies against the sky     there…

Bamburgh Castle ~ final part

Part 1  Part 2 More bits and bobs from inside the castle Oriental vases Pewter Jug Upholstery Mirror Serious chains! More serious chains and some sort of buffalo/cow/bull thing’s head The Laundry room Oh K Windows And that’s the end of our visit to Bamburgh Castle, but just down the road, on our way home we saw a field of huge poppies, so had to stop and take some shots, in the rain of course. Bigger than Sophie’s hand Next time we finally get to the Farne Islands again for Puffins and Seals 🙂