Poland ~April 2017~ Beaver Dam & stuff.

After our walk in Big Wood, Eddy took us out in his trusty van to the shop for some bits and bobs, and just down the road was a nest on top of a telephone post, home to a pair of storks

on the way back to the house we stopped to visit the Beaver Dam which was quite amazing to me as I’d never seen one before. They’d diverted a little stream that runs along the side of the road and made a huge pond

You can see the damage they are doing to the trees

There were some pretty yellow wild flowers so I asked Malina to pose for some pictures

and Eddy too 🙂

Then we went home and had a magnificent Sunday dinner thanks to Eddy and Gosia’s cookery skills, the leg of lamb was gorgeous!

Just a couple more of Malina, Eddy and Gosia

That’s more or less the end of our stay at Eddy’s. The next day we were up and out at 9am, as Eddy took us to Auschwitz from where we would get a bus to the airport and fly home after seeing it, so that’s the last picture from Eddy’s house.  I will of course be doing a report on Auschwitz at some point, but am going to include here a couple of pictures I took from the van window on our journey there (a 2 hour drive, 4hrs for Eddy of course) as they don’t belong in that post.

We had such a fantastic time and seemed to do a lot for a 3 day visit! Thanks to Eddy & Gosia for their unfailing hospitality, we can’t wait to go back and visit our friends.

So stay tooned!




Poland report~April 2017~Part 6~Big Woods

On the Sunday of our stay with Eddy we had a chill out day and stayed in the area.  After breakfast Eddy & Malina took Phil & I for a walk through Big Wood to where they have their Bar-B-Q’s.  It was built by Eddy’s neighbour and friend, so Eddy is allowed to use it too.

Ready to go


To the woods to the woods!


Big Wood was astonishingly beautiful, glowing green leaves and tall trees

The Bar-B-Q area was really well put together

Of course Eddy’s three dogs Jackie,Denis and Sasha had come with us, and Malina demonstrated how Jackie loves to catch sand!

and then we walked back to Eddy’s, admiring the views across the fields.

Next time we’re off the visit the Storks and the Beaver dam.

Stay tooned!





Poland 2017 ~Part 5~ Łańcut Castle~ interior

Here we go on the 1/2 hour run through the castle, without a guide we had nothing to tell us about anything, but there’s plenty on wiki and the castle’s own site.

Artists and architects who worked in Łańcut incorporated a variety of styles in the castles architecture. The lush classicist stucco works, which can still be seen today were made by Fryderyk Bauman. Apart from classicist, also rococo and Neo-Gothic decorative elements were created. Some made clear reference to the Orient and pre-romantic trends. The castle also received an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures purchased mainly during numerous trips made by the couple and later by the Duchess, who was very creative and constantly looking for artistic inspirations. In fact, even today, in spite of all the later alterations and modernisations, the castle largely retains the character which it received in the course of the few decades, until Duchess Izabela Lubomirska’s death in 1816.

it has it’s own theatre…

The southern corridor, which is accessed from the Ballroom, features the most sophisticated painted ornaments. The Duchess had the walls and ceiling decorated with illusionist design, which transformed the interior into a gazebo located amongst ruins, overgrown with grape vine and hollyhocks. The scenery of the corridor was used by the Duchess as a background for a gallery displaying her collection of sculptures, both antique and 18th century replicas.

So that gives you an idea of how beautiful the place is, and am a bit sad not to have done the full tour with a guide, but I am sure there’ll be another chance one day.

Next time we’ll go for a walk in Big Wood and visit the Bar-B-Q

Stay tooned 🙂

Poland April 2017~part 4~ Łańcut Castle Grounds


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After our visit to the Ulma Museum, we went to visit Łańcut Castle.  The castle was originally built in the second half of the 16th century, but was later modernised into a palace-residence by its owners. It was once home to two greatest Polish families – first, until 1816, the Lubomirski family, and later – until 1944 – the Potocki clan. It has a long involved history of changing hands and being re-modelled, and you can find the link to that HERENowadays Łańcut Castle is one the most famous aristocratic residences in Poland. It continues to fascinate with its impressive architecture, magnificent interiors and rich art collections. Surrounded with a spacious and enchanting park, it is a place transformed into a museum, which most fully shows the royal splendour of aristocratic households, the charm of the world which in Poland was ended by the Second World War and its political outcome.

The first thing we did was wander around the grounds, looking for a cafe as it was lunch time. Created in the 2nd half of the 18th century and in the style of an English landscape.

Eddy, Phil,Malina & Gosia

Old boy
Spider tower block
Sir Pouncealot

Castle entrance
The Orangery

We couldn’t find a cafe though there was posh restaurant so we headed outside and found a Pizza place.  It took ages to get our lunch so it was 3.30pm by the time we got to the castle, and when we went to show our tickets they told us it closed in half an hour.  Bearing in mind that on their website closing time was given as 6pm we were a bit peeved. Gosia went into battle as she hadn’t been told of the 4pm closing when she got our tickets, so wanted a refund, however they told us we could still go round if we didn’t have a guide, so we shot off round the castle, somehow in half an hour we covered a fair amount of ground, and I got some lovely photo’s of the rooms there, but that’s for our next episode.

Stay tooned!

Poland April 2017~part 3 ~ Museum Ulma

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On the Saturday of our weekend with Eddy & Gosia, we all went out for the day.  Firstly we visited the Museum Ulma at Markowa.

The museum is quite small but beautifully presented.  On the wall outside are the names of all the Poles who saved Jews

Josef & Wiktoria

There are many displays inside, lots of old photographs, household items and is based on a recreation of the Ulma’s family house.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures as there was a lot of reflective glass to contend with, also a herd of visitors in a coach descended on the place so it was getting very busy.

Josephs camera I think,

I think this is the Hebrew Bible  or Tanakh

Phil watching and listening to one of the many videos of people who were there at the time telling what happened, it was cool they had subtitles in English.

After that we went off to   Łańcut Castle, so stay tooned for that!

In doing a bit of research regarding the Ulma museum, I came across a really well thought out and well written blog regarding the history of this and the relevant politics, so for further reading if you are interested I am leaving a link to it, HERE .



Poland April 2017~ part 2

Part 1 HERE

Eddy’s home is set in a fair acreage of land, and the views from his balcony are stunning, so today I’ll show you the outside and around.

The house in the landscape
Phil and Dennis the dog (she’s a lady 🙂 ) on the balcony.


view to the west


Eddy (and Dennis) scything feed for the goats 


Eddy has a basement workshop where he saws wood and does manly DIY stuff, and Gosia makes soaps,

After we had a look around the workshop, Eddy took us off to his shed to feed the goats and rabbits.

The shed is huge!

Eddy has two shed cats, we didn’t see Boris but Silvex was in-house


There are 6 lady goats whose names I can’t remember but here they all are and we got to feed them.

and not forgetting the rabbit

Our favourite view was to the west, and we got treated to a grand sunset

and I took a shot just after sunset of Eddy’s house with his outside lights on.

Next time we’ll do some of our outings so stay tooned 🙂

Fraggle Report ~ Poland April 2017~part 1

Here it is then 🙂

My trip to Poland came about when Eddy on his blog (which can be found HERE) offered a free weekend B&B if someone would take photo’s of the house for his website advertising the B&B, and then Pete (who’s blog can be found HERE) suggested Eddy asked me. To cut a long story short, 4 weeks later Phil and I set off for Krakow from Newcastle and arrived on a dark and stormy Friday night.  I recognised Eddy straight way as we came out of the airport though I’d never seen a picture of him before,and even though he wasn’t wearing Lederhosen :).  It was a 2 hour journey back to where Eddy lives and as it was dark and raining we didn’t see much of the countryside, but it didn’t matter as we chatted on so much and got to know each other, and planned out our weekend. We arrived at Eddy’s late in the evening and we met the beautiful Gosia, Eddy’s wife, and a little smiley imp Malina, their daughter.   We’d stopped for beer and wine along the way and so cracked open the cans and bottles and chatted on until god knows when. 🙂

We did that a lot this weekend 🙂

Today’s post will concentrate on the interior of the house, our Bedroom and bathroom were lovely, felt like home 🙂

lovely little details

Eddy built his own house with straw bales, and in our room was ‘The Window of Truth’

Here are some photo’s of the rest of Eddy & Gosia’s beautiful home

Front hall


to the right of the front door, bathroom and coat area, (note the compost loo!)


Back hallway, view from the dining area.


window to the left in previous shot


The snug & TV area


A great kitchen

Gosia loves blue & white kitchenware and has an amazing collection.


Pizza oven!


As you can see, the house is so homely and warm, and we were made so welcome. 

Next time we’ll look at the exterior and surrounding land.

Stay tooned!