Day 127~366

No blue sky today, apparently we’re having ‘hazy sunshine’. Hmmm. No matter, off I went to The Tree with a certain shot in mind, but when I got there I found this chap asleep in the branches. He woke up when I started shooting, but he kindly stayed put and let me photograph him.  We had a chat and that was it, off home I went, job done for today. 🙂

Day 39~366

Managed a 15 minute lunch break by the sea at South Shields today, and had my camera with me so took a few shots and liked this one best. I processed this one myself using the B&W sliders in LR, and played with them until I liked how it looked. When I got home, Mr.Pie was sitting on our garden fence, so I took a shot of him too 🙂

The Sunday Fraggle report..

Firstly, for the second week I have a photo left behind from the previous week. I hope this is not the beginning of  mental decline, but much previous similar experiences tell me it probably is. I forget loads of stuff. I console myself with the fact that my lovely hubby is as bad if not slightly worse than me :). And what is this wonderful photo you forgot to post I hear you cry… well there you have it. A masterpiece no less. Taken with my Iphone 5 and the hipstamatic app. Don’t ask why. So on to this past…