65/365 ~ black beauty



Maybe not as visually engaging as my previous vintage camera’s, nor as old, but this black beauty holds a special place in my heart. She was my first ‘big girl’ camera, way back, when I didn’t have wrinkles and love handles, and the one I had got damaged beyond repair by orange juice during a trip to London with my ex boyfriend.  Several years later and I married that guy, and now I have my first love too 🙂 Gotta love ebay. AM scared to use it, as I haven’t had time to buy a battery for it, so am not yet sure if it’s fully functioning, but I love looking at it and remembering the days out to London…..





am quite in awe of my 105 macro lens, even though I dropped it onto a concrete floor and so the manual focus is really stiff (!) it still amazes me how small things can look so big!  The feather is that of a swan, from my swan pics of late, and the ball is one of my crystal balls and I fancied a mess about in the sun before it went down. The first sunny saturday in forever and I worked it all!!!!  On the good side, glorious scenery to see as I drove from one test to the next, on the poo side, no time for pictures 😦 But yay for a mess around in the conservatory! And it’s Luvverly Hubberly’s birthday today! Not much of one, but chocolates, Glenlivet and unmentionables are involved 🙂




Am working such long hours I’m struggling to keep up with 365, work, blogging, social networking, having a life!


I won’t give up!!!


Another  long long drive today, but the sun was out for a little while and I was in the beautiful Northumberland.  I managed a coffee break by Woodhorn Lake and took a couple of quick snaps, can’t beat swans for a 365 moment!



The focus went a bit squiffy, but I like it anyway.

I think this one though is my fave, I spotted him/her swimming away, sails up and in sparkly waters, lovely to watch.


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