I’ve been a bit of a plonker. I did my photographing for 1/2 hr before I went to work, and when I came home tonight, I plugged the camera into lightroom to download, went off and got a cuppa, came back, unplugged the camera, formatted the card, looked up and realised I hadn’t pressed the IMPORT button, so consequently lost all my shots. So I’ve had to reshoot, in my conservatory (current temperature 2 degrees C) with the overhead light on and a reflector, and then spent ages in potatoshop to try and get this shot to look like it…


Since work life made a 365 practically impossible, I’ve only been doing drive-by shootings in the Lake District, and have had an occasional outing with Sophie to take some shots, so have not been pushing myself really. I figured I need a kick up the proverbial to do something different now and then photographically speaking, so I joined The Sunday Challenge group on the Ipernity photo site. For anyone who uses Flickr, Ipernity is a lot like Flickr used to be before Yahoo cocked it up. Anyway, I digress, this last weeks challenge was to shoot something that represented ‘girly’….