Shrewsbury~ November 2018 ~ part 4

Leaving history behind more or less, we had a wander around the modern (ish) town centre, though that still had a lot of tudor buildings around the square. Some random shots were taken along the way.     Phil got to re-visit his boyhood.               I think that will do for now.  All the photos are embiggenable if you click on them to see them better. Stay tooned for more adventures.

Cragside ~ Nov 2018 ~ part 3

Part 1 HERE.      Part 2 HERE We only had a couple of hours if that before darkness was due to descend, so we drove the 6 mile route around the estate, but stopped for a wander here and there when we came across something interesting. Our first stop was the quarry from whence the stones came to build Cragside. It’s full of rhododendrons in summer so we will be returning then. Next stop was a short walk up to a lake bed that was drained but still had its boathouse. On the way I spotted some weird lichen/fungi…