Day 330~366

Skye has had a better day today, we are on an emotional rollercoaster with her at the minute, she’s been eating, pooping, and is a bit more awake today. However she’s now living on the kitchen work benches and follows me about the kitchen tops getting in the way when I’m trying to cook, or as shown here, doing the ironing. She tried to get on the ironing board whilst I was doing it, but settled instead on my freshly ironed clothes. At least we have a respite, as tomorrow was going to be vet day if things had gone on as they were.  Very relieved, until the next time.


So on with the ball shots.  Today was a very blue sky day, but cold of course, so I waited until nearly sundown before going up to the Angel of the North to catch some golden hour tones in the sky, and on the angel.

This I think is my fave and so my shot of the day,


but also took some from different angles



and also here’s the angel without the ball,


Hope everyone has a good weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to my USA followers!






Day 327~366

Forgot to post this as have been keeping the cat company, she hasn’t had the best of days today, but is much happier now Phil is home and she can snuggle on his lap.  Anyway here is the ball shot for today.


“Does anyone know how to work this thing?”
‘Ummm…maybe we’re supposed to make a wish?’
“‘No you have to look at it until you get a misty vision”‘
“I thought misty vision meant I was hungry.”
‘Well then let’s cut out the middle man and just go get some biscuits.’
“Now you’re talking!”

Day 326~366

Ooh only 40 days to go!

Anyways today we have had atrocious weather, it’s been very dark grey skies, lots of rain and now the wind has really picked up too. It’s horrid out there. I did not fancy going out with the ball, and the dull light indoors wasn’t very inspiring, so I waited until proper dark, (would have said night but proper dark  happened at 4.30 in the afternoon!) and messed about with flowers and candles. I quite like the result.


Day 325~366

A crystal ball, also known as an orbuculum, is a crystal or glass ball and common fortune telling object. It is generally associated with the performance of clairvoyance and scrying in particular. The earliest use of a crystal ball can be first attributed to the Celtic Druids who divined the future and omens with beryl balls. In the 1st century AD, Pliney The Elder describes use of crystal balls by soothsayers. By the 5th century AD, scrying was widespread within the Roman Empire and was condemned by the early medieval christian church as heretical.

Dr. John Dee was a noted British mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, geographer, and consultant to Queen Elizabeth 1st. He devoted much of his life to alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy, of which the use of crystal balls was often included.

Crystal gazing was a popular pastime in the Victorian era and was claimed to work best when the Sun is at its northernmost declination. Immediately before the appearance of a vision, the ball was said to mist up from within.

Well mine has not misted up so far, and I haven’t had any hermetic visions, but thought I’d encourage it with my tarot cards~ the history of which you can find HERE in a post I did earlier in the 366 project.


If you click on the pic you’ll be able to make out which card the ball is focused on 🙂

Day 324~366

A busy day today so an early start, and a very frosty morning with a lovely sunrise, so got the ball out and hey presto, done for the day!


Day 323~366

Today was a beautiful blue sky day, though very cold, and on my way back from Sunderland up the A19 I glimpsed Penshaw’s monument and thought that would look pretty cool in the ball, so took a diversion down the A183 and voila! Here it is.  Was pleased no-one else was up there as it’s a popular place for people of youthfulness who don’t have heart attacks going up that hill, which I probably would. Have been up there a few years ago and it damned near killed me then!


I’ve posted some more film shots up on the Fragglefilm blog, this time of the beaches I go to still and show on here regularly, but back in 1995 when I lived down south and didn’t know I would eventually come to be a resident ‘oop North’.  Anyway there’s a link HERE to see them.  While I’ve been scanning and uploading them and doing the post it has been re-inforcing my thoughts on project/projects for next year.  It’s nearly the end of my 366, and I  have been and am enjoying it immensely, but don’t want to do the same thing again.  I have used my FujiX-T1 for every shot this year, and next year I want to play with my other forms of taking pictures, and want to do more film photographs, both medium format and polaroids.  I also want to make more use of the iPhone, which has some great little apps, and really want to get to grips with black & white, it’s been one of my favourite months of this year’s project. So that’s the way my mind is thinking, though I don’t know yet how I’ll organise it. One thing I have organised though is a separate blog for the black and white, I need to keep it separate from my usual stuff so it’s easy to see how I’m progressing without the distraction of colours, and this blog will go back to how was before, with fraggle reports and history stuff.  I’ve done one post already to try and figure out the new place, which you can see HERE, and it’s already up there in the top menu. So something different for me to look forward to for next year. 🙂


Day 322~366

Have been to work today, and the weather got steadily worse as the day went on, so thought I’d be having to do my shot indoors again this evening.  However, I was running early for an appointment, so stopped off at McDonalds for a drive through coffee, and whilst sitting in my car in the car park I had a visitor. As always my camera (and ball) bag ~ hmm think that sounds rude reading aloud in my head, never mind, you all know what I mean~were in the passenger seat, so I whipped them out and took a shot of him.

Then when Phil was cooking tea later I took some quick Iphone snaps of the cat being bonkers .She’s not allowed on there!


Cat ‘n’ chips


and my visitor in a ball


it’s been a wildlife photography kinda day 😀


Day 316~366

Today is armistice day, and a day to remember my grandad who served in the RE’s in WW1. He signed up with his best friend, who got killed nearly at the end of that war. I’ve written about this before so won’t dwell, but wanted to make a picture that isn’t sad but is in memory of him. My grandad would tell me bedtime stories when he babysat me when Mum worked nights, and I remember him for that.  Although he died when I was very young, only 6yrs old, I have lovely memories of him looking after me.


Todays crystal ball shot is of a fence down the path I walked home after dropping my car off at my local garage, as I had a very loud expensive sounding noise coming from the rear wheels. Luckily it was something to do with a brake plate becoming detached and only cost me £10 when I went to pick it up. 🙂 result!


Day 315~366

The day ran away with me today somehow, chores in the morning when it was sunny, and then preparing a slow cook dinner, and by the time I’d done it was grey and raining.  Skye has been having an off day, chucking up and not eating, but has perked up this evening. Feels like walking on a knife edge. SO it was dark and I hadn’t done a photo, so I tried something I’d had a go at in the past, but with different lighting and white balance settings. It was fun, but have not perfected it yet, it’s quite hard to get rid of reflections you don’t want and to get the lighting OK,  so may have another go later in the project.


All 3 balls reflected in the front one, 2 in the one on the right, 1 in the ball on the left 🙂


rejects 😀




Day 313~366

“The Rose is without an explanation, she blooms, because she blooms”.

Angelus Silesius


Day 308~366

Firstly, I’m going back to the old theme, the photo’s come out too small in the other one!

Today was a rainy day so didn’t venture out too far, got my teeth polished at the dentist 😁 and went to blow up my car tyres, 9psi isn’t all that good to drive about on!

Skye has been very clingy today, and Phil said this morning she was curled up on top of the microwave and wouldn’t eat her breakfast, he was thinking it might be the endgame. She perked up later on but all day she has been shadowing me and wanting to sit on me and have snuggles. Gave up in the end and just sat with her while she snoozed in my arms.  It’s so horrible waiting for the moment where we know she can’t go on without suffering, and the stone in the pit of my tummy tells me that won’t be too far away. She’s had some food and seems to be OK for now, will see what tomorrow brings.  Will make no apology for taking some nice pictures of her when I get the chance.

She came and sat with me while I was trying to catch some bird shots through the window.

Our beautiful girl


The birdies were fast as anything and I am too slow, but managed a couple,

Possibly a marsh tit
Possibly a marsh tit


little bluey
little bluey
happy eater
happy eater

and my crystal ball shot, in the rain.



Day 306~366

So on we go into November, and this month I am getting out my crystal balls and will be using them in my photography.  But first, I had a little fun last night with the trick or treaters who came to the house, and swapped a photograph for a treat.

Halloween 2016

I do this every year and the kids are great round here, smiley and nice and polite. I don’t know any of them and most are with parents. So far no-one has given me grief for taking their kids pics,  but then most of the kids are in disguise!

Also I thought I’d share a photo of Skye that I took this morning. She’s doing OK, a bit sicky now and then, but still eating and having cuddles and being a pest. I try not to think about what’s to come.


And so onto the Crystal Ball Files! I have 4 of different sizes so will be having some fun with this!