The fraggle report _ faffography edition

I haven’t been on any trips for a couple of weekends now, because of weather and life, but last weekend remembered a couple of years ago Sophie,Mike and I went off to Bellingham to find the Hareshaw Linn waterfall, yet I had not put them up on my smugmug photo site. I went through the old portable HD and found the files, and realised I’d not bothered with them, as the lighting conditions were difficult, and I’d written them off as a pile of shite. I didn’t have Lightroom back then, and PS Elements was OK but I wasn’t that good with it. Of course since then I’ve got LR and PS6 and have watched a heap of Youtube tutorials on how to make things happen, so spent a happy day turning pigs ears into silk purses. Well… maybe not silk, but at least cotton. 🙂 I’ll post the day out later on, but for now I’m just putting up a throwaway shot that I’ve been learning techniques on and (hopefully) improved.  I can’t be arsed with all the arguments about altering shots/integrity/leaving things as the camera caught them, because I don’t care, I just wanted to make my picture look better, without altering the mood of the scene I shot.

So here is the original un~faffed with version…

unfaffed sheep shot
unfaffed sheep shot

which to me looks bland, dark and a bit boring, which is why I had my finger on the delete button.

So I faffed with it, several times, got very frustrated with Potatoshop as it has some daft quirky bits that are hard to get a grip with, but learned a lot along the way. Here is the end result…


Well I like it better, and think it’s worth keeping 🙂 whaddya think gang?

laters gaters





I think my favourite sort of photography is to take pictures of people, I like to catch them unaware as well as letting them pose. Am lucky my family indulge me.  I get to see Cal here more than most of the grandkids, which is no bad thing as he just loves having his photo taken, but it was nice to catch him dancing with Grandad to ‘Rio’ by Duran Duran, one of Cal’s fave tracks.  Not a song I’d generally choose for a smooch, but Cal was happy enough!




Nice to get a shot of him with Mum Shelley too.  Yes, people photo’s are my favourite thing to do.





This is Livvy, the youngest grandchild.  Don’t get to see her very often but today Phil’s eldest GD came round for help with painting her Easter Eggs for a competition at school, and as Phil is the painter in the family, he got the job!

Collage 2013-03-24 19_42_45   I think they did quite a good job between them



Batman and The Joker!         EES


and it gave me chance to get some shots of Livvy.