It was a lovely moon and sky last night and it reminded me of my old absolutely favourite TV programme back in the day. Between 1985 and 1989 the actress Cybil Shepherd and a newcomer by the name of Bruce Willis starred in “Moonlighting’. A partnership between two private detectives, Madelyn “Maddie” Hayes (Shepherd) and David Addison Jr. (Willis) running the Blue Moon detective agency.   The show made use of fast-paced, overlapping dialogue between the two leads, harkening back to classic screwball comedy films such as those of director Howard Hawkes. These innovative qualities resulted in its being nominated, for the first time in…

Day 136~366

On my way to the tree I saw a near miss… 🙂 and then I got to the tree.  There was a boy sitting in it, who asked me what I was doing, so I told him about my project. He thought it was cool that I was taking a picture of the shadow, and he said he’d try to make himself look like branches. 🙂 I can see him though 😀

Day 23~366 & the moon

A lovely moon rise last night over a pink sunset, had to get the long lens out and try for a shot. How cool my little fuji is! And as we all know the moon is made out of cheese, it inspired my still life for today 🙂 Tonight we are babysitting our grandchild Lydia for the first time, so there will be baby shots and such like.  Has to be done 🙂  

The Sunday Fraggle Report

I didn’t pick up my camera until Wednesday night this week, when I was treated to a magnificent sunset over the houses. That was from my front bedroom, and from the back of the house we also got the moon mixed up in it all. I took some more shots of my christmas tree, possibly went over the top there :). Managed to get a better picture of the birds on The Happy Eater tree..these are long tailed tits. Today all Phil’s kids and grandkids came for a visit, and I got a happy shot of the newest one, Liddy…

The Sunday Fraggle Report

Winter is Coming…as the saying goes, or rather it’s here, and my photography has dropped, grey days and wet days so last week didn’t bring much in the way of pleasant views. My work mornings and evenings have mostly consisted of the above, roadworks everywhere, traffic jams and queues, it gets wearing! Never mind, on my travels I meet other miserable creatures and I stopped and had a chat with this fellow.. gave him a handful of fresh grass and had a pat on his nose. He seemed lonely. My lovely hubby had a few days off and did the grocery…