Day 90~366

I recently shot a couple of rolls of film on my Holga, and await their return with bated breath. It’s always hit and miss as to whether the photo’s will be in focus, exposed correctly, ruined by light leaks or accidental double exposures. There isn’t much control over the Holga! So I had a little look about the whole Lomo thing, and found out the next step up from a Holga would be a Lubitel 166B TLR, which has settings for aperture and shutter speed and looks like a poor man’s Rollieflex.  As I am a poor woman, it fits in my budget very nicely, and one arrived today. It’s going to be a steep learning curve, I got a roll in and on the go but looking down into a view finder is extremely weird and I haven’t got the hang of it, also there’s a lot more thinking about aperture and shutter speed which I’m not that used to, knowing the fuji will take care of that with an auto ISO setting while I just choose the aperture.  But I’m looking forward to learning, got a notebook to check what I’m doing so I can compare them with the shots I get back and will be posting the results when I get some shots developed. A cool square 🙂