Bamburgh Castle ~ final part

Part 1  Part 2

More bits and bobs from inside the castle

Oriental vases

Pewter Jug



Serious chains!

More serious chains and some sort of buffalo/cow/bull thing’s head

The Laundry room

Oh K


And that’s the end of our visit to Bamburgh Castle, but just down the road, on our way home we saw a field of huge poppies, so had to stop and take some shots, in the rain of course.

Bigger than Sophie’s hand

Next time we finally get to the Farne Islands again for Puffins and Seals 🙂

Day 181~366

My bloggypal Beetleypete and I are constantly banging on about our inclement weather, and today was another deluge, it rained non stop til about 4pm here. Oh well at least good for finding plenty of reflections and off I went with my camera. Got home and processed and chose the ones I liked, if, indeed, one can like a puddle.  Carried on then clearing out my home office, Phil came home, we h ad dinner, and then I came up to post the pictures. But I realised sitting here with the window open I could (and still can) hear boys out playing footy, the ground is dry,the sky is blue and the sun is out, as if the day had not happened at all. SO I ran outside with my camera and took some sunny reflections, which I like much better 🙂 🌞

But first, the rain

took this near our corner shop
opposite the shop
opposite the shop
same puddle, rejecting the opposite tree
same puddle, reflecting the opposite tree
my favourite, would have been pic of the day.
my favourite, would have been pic of the day.

and then ta daaaa!

that's the sun reflecting in Phils car
that’s the sun reflecting in Phils car
our gaff in Phils bonnet
our gaff in Phils bonnet
windows reflecting in Phil's cars rear end :)
windows reflecting in Phil’s cars rear end 🙂

That’s my favourite so shot of the day!

Day 174~366

My work has led to me visiting Cumbria almost weekly, a long drive but with stunning scenery, especially if doing the A66 through the mountain ranges, going by Lake Bassenthwaite and Skiddaw mountain over to Cockermouth, Workington & Whitehaven.  I’ve taken a fair few photographs along the way over the past 2 years.  Today was my last journey over there, and because I ended the day in Penrith had 3 choices of routes to come home. The A66, the less scenic A69, or the A686 across the pennines, a road I’ve only done the once, way back.  I remembered a couple of scenic parts of that road, and the mad hairpin turns you have to do going up the moor, which at it’s zenith is over 1000m above sea level.  It was a lovely sunny day so I decided to do it one more time. I took a few shots on my way home of course 🙂

Langwathby Bridge, over The River Eden
Langwathby Bridge, over The River Eden


View over to the west
View over to the west


Close up on the tree
Close up on the tree
Going down the other side.
Going down the other side, looking East.


No pieces of reflective water, was hoping for a still day on Lake Bassenthwaite as Skiddaw reflected in it is awesome but I’ve done one in the past so that’s OK.

Instead I  give you…drum roll… ta dah!

My glassware shelf.🙄




Day 167~366

I’ve been finding this reflection month not very inspirational 😦 I miss the tree! 🙂 Everyone and his dog has done eyes, puddles, ponds & mountains in lakes, hell, even I’ve done all those before! Even the induction hob has been employed several times in the past. So I’ve been feeling quite blurkpft about the whole thing.  (Blurkpft is a word, those of you have felt it, will recognise it).  So tonight I thought to myself, stop dripping around half arsedly looking for shiny things to put on stuff, and do something different. So I got Phil to get my old mirror tiles out of the loft, cleaned them up and started playing with them, and when Phil came downstairs to get something inveigled him into being the reflection.  I really like it, Phil’s face is inscrutable as I look at it, and I wonder what anyone who doesn’t know him would think about the shot.  (Actually he just wanted to get back to his modelling, but you get the drift 🙂 ).

Haha I’ve just bigged that well up, but it is nice to be really happy with a shot! 🙂


My hubby is AWESOME 🙂 ❤

Day 164~366

It rained yesterday afternoon, and overnight, and this morning, so I went in search of puddles for my reflections.





I stopped by last months tree to say hi 🙂


and I took some pictures of raindrops on stuff





and this was my shot for today


I told Phil I’d only be out for 10 minutes, but ended up spending an hour & half traipsing through the woodlands, just as I got home he’d come out looking for me as he was worried!  Of course I hadn’t taken my phone as I wasn’t going to be long 🙄doh!

Back to work tomorrow, lots of people to see and driving to do. Have a good week Wordypeeps!



Day 157~366

The English Electric Lightning is a supersonic fighter aircraft of the Cold War era. It was designed, developed, and manufactured by English Electric, which was subsequently absorbed by the newly formed British Aircraft Corporation. It was then marketed as the BAC Lightning. The Lightning was the only all-British Mach 2 fighter aircraft. The Lightning was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). Although it was the RAF’s primary interceptor for more than two decades it was never required to attack another aircraft.

The Lightning is powered by two Rolls-Royce Avon turbojet engines in a unique staggered stacked installation in the fuselage. The Lightning was developed to intercept increasingly capable bomber aircraft (Tupolev Tu-16, Tupolev Tu-22, Tupolev Tu-95), and thus has exceptional rate of climb, ceiling, and speed; pilots have described flying it as “being saddled to a skyrocket”. This performance made the Lightning a ‘fuel critical’ aircraft meaning that its missions are dictated to a high degree by its limited range. Later developments provided greater range and speed along with aerial reconnaissance and ground-attack capability.(wiki)

My Dad was a chief tech in the RAF and worked on these, they were the soundtrack to my later childhood, and were magnificent at low altitude screaming across the sky with a ball of fire coming out of the arse end.

Today was our Northern Military Model Show, and this was on display, on a mirror, so became my reflection of the day. In more ways than one.



Day 155~366

Was hoping to do this shot in the evening light, but it’s 9pm here and still daylight :/ never mind, you can still see the candle flame reflected. This is one of my favourite candle holders, cheap as chips bought in Raspberry Bazar in Tynemouth.