Day 41~366

I got home really late from work yesterday, as I had my last appointment at 4pm in Seascale, which is on the west coast of Cumbria, and a 3 hour drive home for me. Then had dinner, did more work bits, and was too knackered to do a post. But I did take a couple of pictures on my travels westward.  Hard to choose between the house and the horse for the daily shot, think the house is slightly better composition so I’ll go with that one.

This first shot was taken in the morning on my way over to Brampton, and the sun was still low in the sky, I pulled over when I saw the horse in the field with the houses behind all sunlit and shady. Ideally I’d like the horse to the right a bit, but the interesting houses wouldn’t have been in the shot.


I had 3 clients to visit in Workington, also on the coast further up from Seascale, and when I went to the last lady, I saw some interesting tower tops behind a row of houses, so after I finished I drove up the road to find out what it was.


I googled it and it’s an old mine pit called the Jane Pit, which according to

” is a 19th century coal mine built by Henry Curwen, lord of the manor in Workington. It contains the best surviving example of the ornate castellated style of colliery architecture that was a feature of the large landowner involvement in the Cumbrian coal industry during the nineteenth century. The site is a scheduled ancient monument. Jane Pit operated until the mid-1870s. The mine closed in 1875 when pumping was discontinued after the sea broke into the mine entombing 100 miners”. Poor sods.

Lastly, and my picture of the day. I couldn’t find the clients house when I got to Seascape, so parked up and tried to phone him for directions, of course it was engaged, so ended up having my appointment manager in Manchester getting on google earth to find it and direct me to it! The wonders of modern technology. While I was waiting I noticed the sun lighting up this little cottage in the trees under a moody sky, so took a shot. Now to start on todays pictures 🙂




A woeful week

It started off well enough on Monday, with lovely blue skies and nice drives out in the country to see some far flung clients.  On Monday I spotted the snail~mail and dumb~phone combo on one of my journey’s

snail~mail & dumb~phone


and on Tuesday I spotted this field, in which the lake pond thing, I think, is a consequence of the heavy rainfall we’ve had over the past couple of years.

field lake thing
field lake thing

Lots of farm land has been flooded over the past couple of years and some of the resultant ponds have never quite retreated. You can see a fence trotting out into the water going nowhere, and those trees started out on dry land!

Then on Wednesday I started feeling a little off during the day, and by the time I got home, I was absolutely poorly 😦

poorly pills
poorly pills

So for the past 5 days I’ve been miserable, full of not nice stuff up my nose and on my chest. I had 4 days off, the weather was glorious and I couldn’t do anything but mope and read my books. I don’t get poorly much, yes I get aches and pains, and niggles, but colds/flu etc usually pass me by. Not this time though!! I mean, my eyes were so stingy and runny I couldn’t wear make-up for 3 days!!!! So I couldn’t go out of the house, couldn’t do shopping or photographing, and was a total recluse. I tried to cook dinner for Phil and made a total cock up of it and resorted to toast and take-outs instead. (Take out WAS yummy though – curry 🙂 )

I had to miss visiting Phil’s family gathering as his younger sister and hubby had come up from the Isle of Wight to visit and were staying with his older sister, so there was a big get-together, with buffet, and I would have loved to have gone and taken photo’s of everyone, but Phil had to go alone and I had a snooze instead.

Sophie wanted to go on a shoot on Sunday too and I just could not do that either, so all in all a rubbish week.

So not many photo’s for the blog, I did manage to try and catch the sunlight in my spider webs on the bird feeder (those spidey’s sure are prolific!)

Spidey suncatcher
Spidey suncatcher
spidey web
spidey web

and also hung out my bedroom window to catch the lovely cloud formations. It would be so much nicer if I could bulldoze the rest of the houses out of my view, but you have to work with what you got sometimes.

cloudage 1
cloudage to the right
cloudage to the left
cloudage to the left

Anyway, in spite of still being a bit crock, I went back to work today (more fool me) and struggled through. I had to really as Phil is on nights and needs to sleep through the day, which would have been nigh on impossible for him with me coughing like Calligula’s nephew, and I may have ended up with the same fate if I had!

I suppose the good news is that this is a shorter post than usual for my dear reader to trawl through 🙂

Laters Gaters x