So tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. I will no longer be ‘an independant’ but a partner in a limited partnership with some other former independent colleagues and our management company. Contract signing day tomorrow, and tonight a get together with colleagues to discuss all the implications and issues of the contract. So am back in Southport at the Royal Clifton Hotel, after a journey from east to west over snowy hill and dale. So today’s photos are with the Hipstamatic and taken along the way.


A long day today. I went to Leeds for a Starkey product launch and lectures on tinnitus. ¬†I travelled down with 2 colleagues, Brenda and Stan, and we had a fun 2 hour journey playing ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’! The launch was held at Oulton Hall, an 18th century beautiful building it has a long history and if you are interested¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulton_Hall will tell you about it. All the shots are edited in color efex pro with various filters.


Well life and work got in the way of me writing my blog, but I’ve continued to take pictures for my 365, and have a little time to update the blog at last! So here they all are. Seemed a bit daft to do a separate post for each shot. 24~365 I had to visit a client out in the wilds of Northumberland last Thursday, whilst the snow was still thick and snow still coming down sporadically. I was quite amazed to see Bolam lake frozen over. Right at the back on the treeline there’s a patch of water with…