Day 58~366

Another cloudy cold day, so some slice of life shots around the house and garden. Over the past few years footballs have appeared in our back garden, no-one has ever knocked on the door and asked for their ball back, so there they stay, and the grandkids kick them about in summer. I have some flappers on my kitchen window sill,, they’re solar powered so go mad on sunny days.. Our gas boiler holds a few memories, Katie’s drawings of family members, Phil’s magnetic Simpson characters, my Mum’s smiley fridge magnets, and 2 sets of magnetic words, the black ones…

Day 9~366

Still looking through all the stuff of my Mum’s that I had packed up in the loft. Love that the album is from 1921, so must be her mother’s album really as Mum wasn’t born til ’39. Glad that photography runs in the family! The watch belonged to Grandad, it doesn’t work but is really beautiful, will be shooting that again in the macro month. The medal is Mum’s she was a singer and won the Mrs.Sunderland medal for vocal music when she was 18 years old.¬†Susannah Sunderland ¬†was a famous soprano soloist, born in Brighouse, near Huddersfield, in 1819….