Day 280~366

We are still getting some sunny spells so this afternoon Frego and I went off to South Shields to take some pictures at the beach.

We took some shots of The Groyne


and the harbour entrance


and then when walking up the beach we saw one of the Great North Snowdogs, so Frego wanted to take some of him.

The Great North Snowdogs are 61 large scale Snowdog sculptures, decorated by artists and inspired by the much loved animated short film, The Snowman™ and The Snowdog. St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice has teamed up with Wild in Art to stage Tyne and Wear’s biggest ever mass-participation, public art event.
There is an app to follow the trail if one wishes to find them all and it ends on 29th November. The large sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for St Oswald’s Children’s Hospice after that date.






The sunday Fraggle report 11/1/15

Christmas and New Year are well gone now, decorations are down and back to full on at work. The weather has been pretty meh so Monday- Wednesday were not inspiring for photo’s, but Thursday perked up with a clear blue sky and the sun out. It was cold though so I wrapped up warm and went for a walk on Littlehaven Beach at South Shields. This was my first chance to use the new polaroid outdoors, but like a twit I forgot to take a new film with me and only had 2 left in the camera. I did have my Iphone and the Nikon too so I got a fair few shots all in all.

So let me take you on my walk…

First through the dunes to the beach, taken with the VSCO camera app on Iphone.

pathway ~ iphone5

then looking left towards the groyne pier and lighthouse.

Littlehaven beach
Littlehaven beach ~ iphone5

walking towards the groyne, Tynemouth Priory in the distance

Ocean Rover~Nikon D700

and then on to see the Herd Groyne Lighthouse..

Herd Groyne Lighthouse
Herd Groyne Lighthouse ~ Iphone5

The lighthouse was built in 1882, and made of iron, the history of it is quite interesting ( and short!) so if anyone is interested CLICK HERE 🙂

Then I turned back to walk up the other way on the beach and to look for sea glass, which I’m collecting each time I go there, eventually when I retire I’ll hopefully have enough to make a mosiac garden table top or similar. Of course you can’t shoot directly into full sun and get a decent picture, but I took one anyway and processed the heck out of it!

into the sun
into the sun~Nikon D700

then along the beach looking for sea glass..

wiggley sand~Nikon D700
wiggley sand~Nikon D700
Harbour Mouth
Harbour Mouth~Nikon D700
seaglass! ~Nikon D700
seaglass! ~Nikon D700

Took a shot of the view back to the lighthouse..

lighthouse & gull ~Nikon D700
lighthouse & gull ~Nikon D700

and came across too old boys with a metal detector..

metal detectives
metal detectives~Nikon D700

I had a chat and asked them if they’d found anything, and they showed me some metal things and told me they were Roman tile holders. Wow I thought, how cool to find roman relics in the sand. When I got home and googled roman tile holders, they are not ancient roman relics at all, Roman is just a style name of some tile holders and you can buy them in any hardware store. Haha numpty me. 🙂

The Weebles live near Littlehaven beach so I went forf a quick visit, can never resist a few shots of them,

Weebles~Nikon D700
they came for the sun...Nikon D700
they came for the sun…Nikon D700

and then I found a new sculpture that has been put up nearby..

The eye
The eye~Nikon D700
the Eye
the Eye~Nikon D700

I like the view to the sea side best. The words are from an old traditional Northumbrian folk song.

As I walked back to the car the sun was sinking low enough to backlight the long grass..

Nikon D700
Nikon D700
Nikon D700
Nikon D700

and that was the end of my walk.

And the weather has been atrocious ever since. But I did some more polaroids which I’ve put in my SX70 project, and today did a collage of ‘tools of my trade’ for the Sunday Challenge theme.

Audiology! ~Nikon D700
Audiology! ~Nikon D700

Phil’s been on nights all week, so have had a quiet week, and he’s got a week off now whilst I’m battling the howling winds going to work, I used to be very jealous he gets 6 weeks holiday a year and I get 2 if I’m lucky, but now I work part time it’s not so bad. I still call him Father Christmas though. 🙂


laters gaters 😉