Day 162 & 163~366

Had to wait until 11pm to get my shot last night as it doesn’t get really dark until then.  This is one of my conservatory windows, the blue lights are outside on our jasmine bush and on the buddlea, I think you can see the brickwork of next doors extension behind it, and everything else is a reflection of the inside of our conservatory, apart from the stuff on the window sill.


and today I’ve  been doing a shot for the challenge group tomorrow, the theme of which is HATS, so I added dark glasses in to use it for my reflection shot too 🙂



Day 108~366

Next Sunday sees the return of one of our fave TV shows, Game of Thrones (the other being The Walking Dead) and Phil is re-reading the book. Thought I’d have a little look and see how far he’d got. 🙂