Day 28~366

A sunshine day today for a welcome change, so revisited the window sill with some new flowers. These are called Lisianthus and the buds are fabulously twisty.

day 28w

Day 17~366 & a Sunday Fraggle report

It’s been a little while since I wrote a Fraggle report, not since Christmas I think, but apart from my ongoing 366 project I’m still taking shots of the cat and the sunsets :). Work has been busy with lots of places to drive to and lots of clients to see, but no chance to stop and take photo’s, and I don’t like getting out of the car in the rain and the wind! Had a bit of a respite from the weather, and its been cold but no rain for a few days, it’ll be back towards the end of the week apparently.

Onto the pics!

First up has to be the weather, this was the view out of my bedroom window when I woke up last week.




Here are a couple of Skye. This is she trying to decide if she can jump on me while I’m at the computer.


luckily she got distracted.


She still likes to sleep the afternoon away on our bed


and sit on Phil’s knee when he’s trying to do his modelling.


he’s not always impressed with her devotion 🙂

When he’s had enough she comes next door and curls up under my desk on the envelope store!


Caught her sitting on a stool catching some rays on a sunny day



She is so boss of us.

We had a couple of nice sunsets



and I made a diptych of the flowers I’m using in my still life month for the Sunday Challenge group.

TSC diptych

I’m really having fun with my still life month, I think I’m improving along the way, certainly I like the pictures I’ve been doing this week better than the ones I did in the first few days, so feel I’m getting the hang of it. So here is Day 17.


Back to work tomorrow, am just about ready with sorting out clothes and equipment, & charging the programmers and laptop. Have had a bit of an upset tum today so have been taking it easy. Phil’s off to work his week of nights so I’m off to watch a bit of TV with Skye. 🙂

laters gaters

😉 ❤





Day 13~366

I went into Waitrose supermarket in Ponteland yesterday, ostensibly to use their customer litter tray facilities, but they didn’t have one can you believe that! I mean, Waitrose & Ponteland is the fiefdom of poshish right-wing middle aged-elderly gentlefolk and we all know what happens to bladders once you reach a certain age. Anyhow they had these gorgeous bouquets of lily’s with off white roses, which were quite irresistible and cost more than they would have done in ASDA (Walmarts to my USA buddy’s) which is where us common lefty middle aged-elderly gnarlyfolk do our shopping. We’re not silly, theres 4 loo’s in Asda!

Here’s the flowers




Day 4~365

I thought I’d have a bit of a hard time with the 366 on the days I’m working, especially for the stills. Sunrise isn’t til 8.30am and I leave for work at 9.15, the weather is atrocious every day, dark and gloomy, windy and torrential, and I am always home after dark. I might have to do some night time still life’s to get more time. Or be better prepared the night before, which isn’t easy in my freezing cold conservatory-cum-studio! Anyways, I had a go at a breakfast shot. I only had time for a couple of composition tries, and I think this was the best one. I always check the comp on my iPhone first and also to take one on that for Instagram, and I think it came out better, which is not what I want to think!!

day 4w

the iPhone version