365 ~ 7th~13th November

This week is sodding selfie week, with an overall theme of ‘gratitude’. It hasn’t been the best. 🥴

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

Day 311~ Thankful. ~ I am thankful every day for this guy.  We met and dated in university but went our separate ways.  35 years later we met up again.  We both had parents in the same hospital in the same small town.  Neither of us knew that the other’s parents even lived in this town.  Through the power of Facebook we discovered this tidbit of information and arranged to meet up when we were both there visiting our parents.  We met for a drink and 6 hours later we were closing down the place.  It was like we had never been apart.  I believe we were meant to meet up again and be part of each other’s lives.  I couldn’t be more thankful that fate brought us together again. What are you thankful for today?

Well that’s a lot sharing we really didn’t need. Not only that but she put up a picture of her husband instead of a sodding selfie! Cheater! well sauce for the goose etc. 🙄 Nevermind, a straightforward prompt which is fine by me. Today Sophie and I went out to visit Gibside and take photos, so I was thankful for blue skies, autumn colours, my camera and spending time with my pal.


Day 312 ~ Mirror. ~ What a great week this is in our 365 Picture Today Community. We are expressing gratitude through our photography! Today is Macro Monday to go with our prompt word of “Mirror.” For my example photo, I used a segment of a lily bloom and placed it on a reflective surface to make a heart.  I shot the image with my 100 mm Macro Lens. Play today and see if you can find something that resembles a heart when reflected.

This turned out to be a right AAFP. Firstly, what part of ‘self portrait’ is a sodding lily flower on a mirror???? I tried a couple of items but nothing worked out to look like a heart in a mirror. Frego came to the rescue.


Day 313 ~ Gratitude. ~ It is easy to be grateful for the things we see right in front of us each day.  It is more difficult to offer than same gratitude for the less tangible things in our lives.  And it is even more difficult to accurately represent such gratitude in our photos. Today, think about those, perhaps less obvious, things for which you grateful.  Create a photo that represents that gratitude.  Use words if necessary.

Well firstly what’s the difference between Thankful and Gratitude really!? Seriously. AAFP and AFAC. Gratitude for less tangible things made me think of sleep, and my lovely cozy bed.

Day 314 ~ Early. ~ I am so grateful that I live in a beautiful part of the world, the forest is so pretty when the sun is shining and if you get out early enough you find the sun in the right place to make a magical photo. What thing are you grateful for early each day?

Sleep. Sleep is what I’m grateful for and not having to get up to go to work, but I don’t suppose that will do. I don’t live in a forest sadly but I did get up early, fed the cats, had breakfast, took Phil a cuppa and skedaddled quickly as the sat-nav was showing horrendous traffic on my usual route to the clinic. I decided to go off prompt when I got home as early wasn’t feasible.

‘Hey Frego, are you off to a fancy dress party?’

“No silly, tomorrow is Armistice day so I thought I’d dress like a WW1 photographer and pose next to Frank’s photos.”

‘OK sounds good. You do know they didn’t have digital cameras back in the day don’t you?’

“Stop being obtuse Fraggle and make the picture!”


Off~prompt. Sapper Frank Jessop 232 Army Troops Company, RE. France 2015

Day 315 ~ Reflective.~ The word ‘reflective’ is appropriate on this day as it is the day of remembrance in honour of the men and woman who have died in the line of duty. Remembrance Day/Veterans Day is a day to reflect on and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy and often take for granted. In this photo I am in the cemetery with my red umbrella amongst the grave markers of soldiers.  To create a more artistic scene, I reworked the photo through a variety of apps. Today, reflect on the freedoms you have and appreciate your life.  It is a day for quiet reflection. Visit a cemetery, enjoy the beauty of nature or laugh with your family. Photograph that moment in time and reflect what it means to you.  Remember to include yourself in the photo and if so inspired, play with some apps and take your photo to a different artistic level.

The weather was too rubbish to go cemetery hunting, and I had a lot of home stuff to do. So Frego and I watched a video I made back in 2009 when Phil and I traced my Grandads steps through France during the war. He joined up with his best friend William, who went home on 10 days leave, got married to his ladylove Doris, went back to France and was killed 2 days later on the 30th October 1917. And it did make me reflect on my freedoms and appreciate my life. It made me wonder what Grandad would make of the world today and our right-wing self serving government who, with the aid of 17 & 1/2 million of my compatriots detached us from the united Europe he fought for and William died for, and the acrimony and bitterness that is now between the EU and us.


Day 316 ~ Empowerment. ~ Today we have given you a pretty big word for just a single image! Empowerment: the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. 
the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities. Take a moment to think about what makes you feel empowered? Is it something you have gained confidence in over time? Have you helped someone else to feel more empowered? Do you have a favorite mantra that makes you feel stronger?  I can’t wait to see the powerful images you create today! 

‘Hey Frego, what do you think?’

“I think this is an AFAC, and AAFP, am also considering your HDBS abbreviation. An empowerment mantra???”

‘ I know. Who the heck goes around thinking to themselves ‘oh I’m empowered now!’ ?? We’ve always been strong, confident and capable haven’t we?’

“Exactly so Fraggle though I think I have the edge on that. Anyway wait here, I’ve got an idea for the prompt!”


Day 317 ~ Cup. ~ REMEMBER – it’s never a selfish thing to fill your cup FIRST.  After all, if we don’t fill our own cup with things like kindness, hope, peace, love, understanding, or gratitude, how can we allow it to overflow into the cups of our loved ones who may need those things from us?  

Well ‘cup’ is straightforward but I’d rather have a physical cappucino in my cup than a metaphorical saint. Anyway today was a ‘from where I stand’ day so here I am standing with said cappucino in Tynemouth market and I’m feeling the gratitude bit for Phil taking the shot under my direction.


So that was the penultimate sodding selfie week (I think/hope) just the one in December to get through. Next week we are doing night photography, so stay tooned for that!

365 ~ 31st Oct ~ 6th November

This week is ‘picture more’ week which is supposed to give us technical challenges, and this time we are to incorporate curves into our masterpieces. The prompts had a fair degree of annoyance, but I got a little help with it all this week.

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

Day 304 ~ Pumpkin. ~ Happy Halloween!  Finding pumpkins today should be super easy!  As for me, I am showcasing one that was made by my brother.  The curvy shadows it casts are pretty awesome and I love it!  For the rest of the week we will be working with curves so keep an eye out!  

I had intended to sit halloween out but that didn’t go to plan as Shelley brought her kids over to go trick or treating, as where they live no-body gives the kids anything. Liddy is all about halloween, she absolutely loves all the razzamatazz, and was totally buzzing. She came dressed as ‘Dead Matilda’ apparently, though I have no idea who that might be. I’d bought 3 mini pumpkins from Lidl just for todays shot, so asked Liddy to hold them for the photo, and she duly obliged. Good prompt 365 lady!


Day 305 ~ edge. ~ This old bridge is quite well known in our area.  It’s aptly known as the historic Five Span bridge.  I think I have photographed this bridge in every season.  I was standing on the edge of the river to take this photo.  It has great curves and edges made of stone.  We’re photographing curves this week.  What curved edges will you find today?

Well firstly today was a work day, and with the clocks going back, I’m now getting home just as it gets dark, so things are not getting any easier. And this is an AAFP, I mean, there’s so many curves and edges it drives you nuts trying to choose! Anyway I finally decided on my spider plant, which needs a post of it’s own – I only bought it a couple of months ago and have already had to re-pot it twice, AND it’s cloning itself rapidly, there’s at least 13 new ones on long offshoot thingys. Anyway, I digress, where was I? Oh yep, here it is.


Day 306 ~ Serendipity. ~ is a “happy accident” When you take your photo today, you might think of something that is curvy; but, there also may be a happy accident of more curves as well. This is a macro photo of a bubble. The happy accident is all of the extra curves that show up within the original curve. You can make the prompt as simplistic or as complicated as you want. I’m hoping for lots of happy accidents today!

🤦‍♀️😮‍💨. AFAC, AAFP. The whole point of finding something accidentally is that you find it accidentally!!! You cannot engineer a ‘happy accident’! I lost the will to live and decided that was it. I’ve done with this. But then…

off prompt_ The Return of Frego.

‘Hello Frego! Long time no see! How’ve you been?’

“Good thanks, I was in Maui on a shoot and ended up staying for the duration of lockdown, just been chilling since then. Anyway I’ve been following your blog and this 365 thing you decided to do, and you do moan a lot I have to say.”

‘You would too if you were doing it!’

“As if I’d do anything that st…. well nevermind Fraggle, I’ve decided to come to your rescue. You’re obviously going down the pan with it and I can’t bear to see my protégé fall at the last hurdle. We’ll put our heads together and you shall prevail!”


Day 307 ~ Sunset. ~ Sunsets are a favorite to photograph.  We can focus our cameras on the perfect curve of the sun as it gently settles on the horizon.  Or, we can focus on something in the foreground that frames that setting sun. In this photo, I used a wide aperture (low f-stop) allowing me to focus on the marsh grasses in the foreground while blurring the setting sun in the background. The curves of the grass arch around creating a frame that pulls the eye toward the ball of orange. Try framing the setting sun today.  You can use grass, a tree, or even your (or someone else’s) hands to create a frame.  No sunset?  Find some other kind of light that is worthy of being framed.

‘Dammit! Two great sunsets yesterday and the day before and tonight grey and cloudy, and already dark. Typical! Another AAFP.’

“Really Fraggle do get a grip. We will do the ‘find some other light’ bit instead. Let’s crank up the fire and sit in front of it with a nice cup of hot chocolate and photograph the flames, they give off light and are the same colour as a sunset and my mug has curves so job done I think. See? It really isn’t that hard is it? Ooh I think this looks like I’m watching an apocalypse!”


Day 308 ~ Remarkable. ~ Here in Belgium at this time of year the colours are magical, especially if you manage to get out in the early morning or the late afternoon.  The curves of the shape of the trees and the reflection in this photo lead your eyes to the midpoint on the third. Use the curves in your photo to draw the eye to the point of interest.What remarkable curves are you going to find today?

“OK Fraggle get your coat on we’re off down to the coast at Shields and we’ll shoot Long Beach Bay, that’s got a nice curve on it.”

‘But it’s cold and grey, and this is another AFAC! Remarkable for heavens sake 🙄!!

“Oh stop your whinging, I checked the forecast and there’ll be breaks in the clouds just before the sun goes down.”

“Wow Fraggle, look at that sky!”

‘Yes, it’s a beauty! Not sure this curve leads to a ‘point of interest though’.

” No Fraggle but it sets off from a point of interest, ~ ME!”



Day 309 ~ Furry. ~ Furry curves can mean a lot of things.  I found a little chipmunk who actually tried to crawl into my camera bag as he was that anxious for the sunflower seeds I had stored in there during a hike.  Instead I captured him in his furry, curvy splendour on some curvy rocks!  What can you find that is curvy and furry.  Wildlife, pets, clothing, and stuffed animals all come to mind for me.

“Well this is a no brainer Fraggle, we’ll get Winnie to sit in the furry cat-tree and that’ll be that!”

‘Have you tried herding Winnie? That’ll be the day!

“WInnie!! Winnie! ah there you are, could you just pose for a moment in the cat tree please?



Day 310 ~ Transported.~ As we continue on with our theme of CURVES think of the many things that transport us that might contain them… vehicles and roads, windows and staircases, boats and rivers, planes and clouds… you get the idea!  Here I am standing under a spiral staircase and from this angle it gives the illusion of circling right through the ceiling.  What curves will transport you somewhere today? 

“Come on Fraggle, get your moan out of the way and then I’ll tell you what we’re doing.”

‘ AAFP really Frego, lots of things are transported, blimey, my shopping is transported so that could be a photograph, but she’s on about the actual transport itself so the title of the prompt shoud be Transport! Also, windows and staircases do NOT transport anything.’

“Fraggle you are being obtuse, as usual, now come on outside and we’ll take pictures of MY transport.”


“Right Fraggle, we’re winning at curves!! What’s next week’s theme?’

‘Sodding selfies’

“Ah well, hmmm. That’s not been going too well for you has it? I mean, who needs to see that anyway? Nevertheless, I will endeavour to assist and advise and you might actually get a couple of decent ones this time.”


Stay tooned dear reader we’re near the end!

365 ~ 24th ~ 30th October.

This week is colour week, and the colour is ‘black’. I’ve managed to stick to the prompts more or less but I’ve been away down south visiting my son and grandson so that was my main priority and photography took a back seat to playing football with the boyo! I didn’t even read most of the prompts through to be honest and just took the prompt title so I don’t suppose they’re a great fit. Never mind, onwards MacDuff!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

Day 297 ~ Delightful. ~ Black is a strong color that draws attention and can add visual interest to your photos. It is the color of power and sophistication, mystery and marvel, and can evoke emotions of sadness and edginess. As you go through this color week show us the blacks that add visual interest to your days! I’m always a sucker for a cute sign!

People are a bit bonkers when it comes to decorating their houses for Christmas around here, and now it seems Hallowe’en is also a thing too. But I thought this was quite delightful, it put a smile on my face when I walked past anyway!


Day 298 ~ Gate. ~ It was the cobwebs that caught my eye first while walking past this black gate. Then as I was focused on the cobwebs, I pulled back a bit more and the light from the sunset really pulled me in and I loved it even more. It’s so much fun when a stationary object winds up becoming such an exciting subject! I think I took over 30 photos, not taking more than 7 steps in any direction.  Either closer, farther away, right or left, each each step gave me something new to focus on and something else exciting to capture. Isn’t it incredible how even the slightest movement can make such a difference in our photos?   

She seems very excited with that gate. I had a 5 hour drive down south this day and then Lewis had to show me his new football tricks to be photographed. No black gates in the vicinity but I got lots of action shots. I liked this one best.

off ~ prompt ~ footymad.

Day 299 ~ Curiosity. ~ I’m curious how is it possible that my nieces are able to stand on the ceiling?  This is a photo from the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.  It is full of inquisitive exhibits that make one wonder.  This upside down room was one of them and was a lot of fun.  Science is awesome and can definitely spark someone’s curiosity.  What will spark your curiosity in today?  Try and include black in whatever it is you capture.

I actually took this photo outside a café Sophie and I had lunch in on our outing the previous Saturday. I think it fits being called a curiosity.


Day 300 ~ Boo. ~ We are in Black week heading toward Halloween! Today’s prompt is “Boo” Try to take your photo with a scary vibe. You can wait until night or even use a dark room. Try to scare us with today’s photo!

Seriously? Boo?? That’s the best you can doo??? Well as luck would have it I spotted this in a shop window in Leighton Buzzard after Ben and Louie and I had lunch out. Not very scary but very fortuitous I thought. So, BOO.


Day 301. ~ 10 O’Clock. ~ It’s 10:00…AM or PM; it’s up to you.  Where are you and what are you doing? One of the things that I like most about retirement is the slower pace of my mornings.  I enjoy lingering over the morning paper with my coffee.  I also love the fact that we can go out for breakfast during the week, a little later than the working crowd, and again not feel rushed. I like the blackboard here because its reference to school hearkens back to the life Weber and I both had as teachers and yet it places us square in the present of enjoying a 10am cup (or two) of coffee together.

Not sure who Weber is. Possibly the husband but that’s a name not familiar, at least here in the Motherland. I am assuming Canadian/USA people call their sons Weber, but we’re more likely to call our sons James, or George, Calumn or Chris, that kind of normal name. Also Weber is a surname of German origin, derived from the noun meaning “weaver” so maybe she calls her hubby by his last name. Who knows? Anyhoo at both 10 O’Clocks I was driving, in the morning over to Ben’s house and at night back to where I was staying, but I had to stop off for petrol to fill up the tank so I could just set off early to go back home in the morning.

10 O’Clock (and 5 minutes 😊)

Day 302 ~ Glimmer. ~ The meaning of Glimmer

Verb – to shine with a weak light or a light that is not continuous
Noun – a slight sign of something good or positive

Here is a glimpse at some stormtroopers trying to hide behind some pumpkins! Try lighting up the subject against a black background.  Or, if you can go outside find distant lights glimmering in the nighttime. Looking forward to seeing just a glimmer of something good or positive.

A long and tiring drive home in bad weather and many, many knobs on the road, and my head really wasn’t in photography mode. I did an abstract to suit the Verb definition. Glimmer is a horrid word, I don’t like it. The only AAFP this week!

Also for my readers from other nations, ‘knobs’ does not refer to handle type things, it refers to completely maniacle (mostly male) drivers (usually of Audi’s, BMW’s or white vans) who are aggressive, undertake, cut in and only just avoid hitting your car, ride up your arse and generally believe the road belongs to them and them alone. I don’t like them.


Day 303 ~ Unique. ~ Unique (yoo-neek) Having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable.  Not typical; unusual. Today look around for something unusual or unique that is also the colour black. It is chestnut season!  I think chestnuts are extremely unique in that they grow from little green sputniks into gorgeous brown nuts and then turn a beautiful shade of black.  

There is nothing more yoo-neek than Lord Vincent of Wardley. Without a doubt he has no equal and is unparalleled and incomparible. Yes I know he’s got white bits, but most of his Lordship is black.


Surprisingly only one AAFP this week! Can’t see that lasting. Anyways, stay tooned for next week which is a Picture More week, i.e ‘technical’ week and we will be incorporating curves into our doings.

365 ~ 17th ~ 23rd October

This week is kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back, actually several straws, and I consider the whole week AAFP’s. ‘Wildlife’ for goodness sakes. Face palming and eyerolling all the way through this. Consequently I have had to cheat i.e I shot 3 of the prompts when on a photography outing with Sophie this past weekend on a trip to Bolam Lake. On the whole Wardley, Gateshead tends not to have deer or hippo’s and the like wandering around Dunkeld Close or Parklands Way, no giraffe’s use the local Londis store, and though I have seen an urban fox on our night vision hedgehog camera, that’s only been twice, and s/he doesn’t turn up in the daytime, or come when you call. The weather has turned rainy and grey again too and very cold now, so not much sign of insects, slugs or snails either. Still, I’ve done what I can to get through the week, so let’s crack on.

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

Day 290 ~ Happy. ~ How exciting.  This is the week to get outside and find the wild things!  Birds, insects, animals, fish or even your pets if wildlife just isn’t your thing or you simply can’t find any! My grandson was so happy when he caught his first fish!  It was a huge thrill for him even though it was just a sucker.  We always do a ‘catch and release’ so no animals were harmed in the taking of this picture.  

Mrs.Cocktail dress at least gives me the option of pets if no wildlife is available, but that’s such a cop out I think. Happy wildlife? Maybe, maybe not, but I was happy to get this shot of the swan and gull nodding to each other as the swan passed by.


Day 291 ~ Scene. ~ Today you can take the word Scene in any direction!  It could be a scene that includes wildlife or you could show a wild life on display! I chose to put our beach spin on the latter… most fall days at the beach are anything but wild especially when fishing! It requires relaxing patience to wait for the wildlife to show up! Can’t wait to see which scene to happen across today!

So a ‘scene’ of the prompt lady relaxing on a chair at the beach with a fishing rod in her hand can be classed as a wildlife picture. 🤦‍♀️🙄 sigh. I despair, but there’s worse to come. Another ‘cheat’ shot from Bolam Lake. At least there IS wildlife in it.


Day 292 ~ prompt free. Prompt Free Days often bring to mind the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”  Some days, we feel restricted by the prompt, but on other days, no specific prompt makes us feel lost by having no point of departure. Think about these prompt free days as a check-in as to how this project is changing you. What do you notice that you would have overlooked previously? What small moments in you day now feel bigger and call to be documented? Today is a blank canvas for which all of the other prompts have prepared you.

I didn’t have a cheat for this one, so went for the cop out instead 🤣 taken after I got home from work. In fact our Winnie has some Bengal-cat DNA we found out from Sophie which explains a lot as she is mad bonkers wild when not asleep!

prompt~free ~ wild Winnie

Day 293 ~ Climb. ~ This week we’re supposed to feature wildlife in our photos.  Well as far as I’m concerned my two great-nephews are as wild as they come!  The older one, Trace, loves the show American Ninja and loves to climb and do the obstacles that they feature on the show.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someday he actually tries out for it. This playground is just around the corner from my house.  I had never seen anything like it but these two just loved climbing and swinging between the posts.  Wildlife comes in all forms.  What climbing wildlife can you find today?

I did say there was worse to come didn’t I? I mean, SERIOUSLY!!?? “Wildlife comes in all forms”. Nephews! Pfft!! What is the point? Oh let’s give people a prompt and then totally bloody ignore it ourselves and post pics of our grandkids and nephews instead. FFS. AAFP +++ and CBBP. If I was a cartoon I’d have steam coming out of my ears. The only thing to do was subversion. And this isn’t even the end of worse to come. 🥴


Day 294 ~ Gather. How are you enjoying capturing Wild Life this week? Depending on where you live, this could be a challenge! Today’s prompt is gather. I thought about this golden field, and the deer gathering there. You could look for any animal. You could capture your subject gathering something (i.e. a squirrel gathering nuts) or you can look for animals gathering together.

I think you can tell how much I’m enjoying it. No deer, no squirrels and had my car in the garage having work done so no going out hunting. So I had one ready for this from when I took the last of the quadryptych last week.

But I really don’t like cheating so much. I noticed these shrooms when I walked back from dropping the car off, and I thought, well, they grow wild and are alive and in so many special ways! I recently watched a documentary called Fantastic Fungi on Amazon, and it blew my mind, here’s a 2 minute trailer so you get my drift, even 2 mins is jaw dropping.


Day 295 ~ Flame.~ This week has been about capturing wildlife or wild life.  After a week of wildness, are you tired?  Are you ready to kick your feet up and relax?  I am.  Around a warm fire is always a cozy way to relax.  Maybe you can relax with family around a fire pit or in front of a fireplace.  Perhaps you’ll share a quiet candlelight dinner with someone special.  Or the flame that warms you today could be that of the sun as you relax outside with some wild ones, or not.  The choice is yours.Whatever your day brings, may warmth and happiness be a part.

Can you imagine my apoplexy dear reader? This is beyond CBBP, AFAP and eyerolling with attached facepalm, and belongs in the What the actual f**kery department. Firepit?? Candlelight dinner??? What has any of that got to do with wildlife?? Anyone? No, me neither. And so, a decision is made. There are 70 days left in this 365 challenge, and I will keep going until the merciful end, but this level of ridiculosity will not be tolerated, and when prompts are this silly I will resort to ‘off~prompt’ days and shoot the cats or whatever else I fancy. So for today we have Lord Vincent, who can’t quite fit as snugly as Winnie does on the tree~house, but where there’s a will…

Off~prompt, ~ Lord Vincent.

Day 296 ~ Bumpy. ~ So the wildlife that I found was a frog, on my bumpy cobbled drive. What wildlife can you find today?

That could have been an impossible prompt but it was my day out shooting (or togging as we call it) with Sophie and we went to Northumberland. It was very exciting as they have recently added Arctic Foxes and Snow Leopards to the zoo which were glorious to see, one day when this is over I’ll share the photos! In the meantime they also have some tortoises, and this one is a Sulkata Tortoise, also known as African Spurred Tortoise, they can grow to be one of the largest reptiles, weighing in at over 90 kilos. He was certainly bumpy!


And that’s the end of wildlife week, not the best of weeks for me, but hey ho, win some lose some. Next week is colour week and this time the colour is Black. I’m away next week though visiting ‘doon sooth’ with my son Ben and grandson Lewis, so they will be my priority, there’ll certainly be pictures taken every day but whether or not I can stick to the prompts is another matter! Stay tooned! 😁

365 ~ October 10th ~ 16th

This week is sodding selfie week, or ‘Picture You’ officially, and it has an overall theme of ‘What I do’. Can’t say I’ve enjoyed it, and at one point Phil threatened me with doom and gloom if I decide to do this all again next year. No chance of that!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

On we go..

Day 283 ~ Creativity .~ What do I do? Well I am actually a web developer and a graphic designer, when working, so you could say that is a reasonably creative job. I was creative when showing myself at my desk, as I was feeling a bit tired.  I had jet lag at the time, back in those days when travel was a thing! Show us where you carry out your creativity.

Well we started off easily anyway, off I toddled to my shed, where I’m just about to start a new mosaic poject. Phil has given me his old CD box and I will be adorning it with tiles and millefiori, shiny bits and other mosaicy stuff in a psychaedelic pattern which I’ve yet to design. For the ‘what I do’ bit ~This is me rubbing it down ready for priming.


Day 284 ~ Bake. ~ It’s Macro Monday!  And it is baking day as well.  How much fun is that? My garden lavender is in abundance so I tried a new recipe for Dowton Abbey Lavender Tea Bread.  It was very easy to make, delicious, and quite beautiful, if I must say so myself!  It has a distinct lavender and lemon taste. Show us some macro baking from your kitchen today.

This is an AAFP. I don’t do baking, so not much fun at all really. I don’t watch Downton Abbey either so that isn’t helpful. I ended up doing a jacket (baked) potato for my dinner for this shot, with prawns and a Marie Rose sauce topping. Not the easiest thing to macro and have yourself in the shot, so this is a bit rubbishy. (This is when Phil decided enough was enough as I was photographing my dinner instead of sitting down and eating it). Can’t really blame him!

bake (ed potato)

Day 285 ~ Spirited. ~ Today let’s get in the selfie spirit by interjecting some silliness into the photo!  This could be something fun in your surroundings or staged for effect!  Like this giant bear… I can’t resist getting a selfie with him every time!

Silliness. Sigh. AFAC and AAFP. Had a busy, long day at work, was really not in the mood for silliness. No giant bears in Wardley I’m afraid. But I had an idea, and got it done. For the ‘What I do’ bit- I’m apparently a lush, but I’m not really, I prefer wine to spirits.


Day 286 ~ Overhead. ~ You can make this as easy, clean, messy, fancy, or as creative as you’d like today – just make sure to include yourself.  As for me, I look like this 32 hours a week…   I am very lucky to have a job I can do right in my own home.  My hubby built me custom desktops that allow me to sit or stand so it makes it nice to move throughout the day.  This is a fun prompt because when do we get a glimpse of our day from this angle otherwise?  

Another one telling me ‘this is a fun prompt’ when actually it really isn’t. Fannying on attaching my camera to a tall tripod and getting it to stand on the table was a PIA! For the ‘what I do’ bit- I’m processing photo’s I took when out with Sophie a couple of weeks ago.


Day 287 ~ Serenity. ~ Definition: The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. What does serenity mean to you? Serenity could come in many shapes and forms. It could be the relaxing sound of water, curling up with a good book, listening to your favourite music, the calming benefits of animals. I live in suburbia but am lucky to have large parklands at my back door. This past year has been tough and finding this little lake in the park has been my saving grace. I find myself here every time I go for a walk and like to relax watching the birds and just enjoying the relative peace and quiet that I find here. My little piece of paradise. I like my little lake, but I can also find calm snuggling down on the couch with the cats, listening to the sounds of their purrs. It’s Picture You week so make sure to include yourself as you find your bit of serenity.

This one’s from a ‘guest prompter’. Firstly it’s an AFAC, and secondly that’s too much waffle, get on with it woman. The weather was pants, cold and grey and raining on and off, so no going to anywhere serene. I made do with a reading a book shot. That’s the ‘what I do’ bit, because I do read a lot and then I am the epitome of serenity.


Day 288 ~ Swag. ~ “Where I Stand” Day. Picture You week allows our community to get to know one another better. This week’s theme is “What I Do.” Today, we are showcasing our “365 Picture Today” Swag! Take a photo of yourself in your 365 Swag and show us what you do. If you don’t own any 365 Picture Today Swag, you can wear something that reflects your love of photography… a shirt, a scarf, jewelry. And don’t forget to show us what you do!

Bliddy Nora! This one’s just a clusterfuck. Firstly when I saw the title I thought ‘they want me to do a robbery???’. Swag of course means ‘money or goods taken by a thief or burglar’. Apparently not over the pond though as Swag means ‘free promotional items’. There are ‘365 Picturetoday’ Sweatshirts and T~shirts that members in the past could buy if they wanted to. Which makes them Purchased promotional items in this case. Anyhoo, I’ve not bought one, and I don’t think they do them anymore, but I wouldn’t even if they did. I did buy a photography T~shirt back in the day as it’s my friend’s brother who does them and I like to help out, but I don’t wear it. From where I stand ~ in front of the mirror. What do I do? ~ take bliddy photographs. 🙄


Day 289 ~ Reaction. ~ In January, April, and July, we visited the same location, creating a collage of how our world changes throughout the seasons.  Today gives us an opportunity to visit that place one more time and document what it looks like in the final season of the year.  What are you doing in this spot today? Once you have taken today’s photo, combine it with your three previous photos and share your quadriptych or tetraptych (depending on whether you prefer Latin or Greek) by combining your photos in your favorite collage app and show us your world through the seasons.

WTH does ‘reaction’ have to do with any of that!? Anyone? Nope, me neither. Sigh. Anyway I went back to the same(ish) spot as before, and completed the quadrip/tetraptych.

SO that’s the end of this sodding selfie week, only 2 more to do before the end yipee! Next week it’s ‘Picture Style’ week which this week is Wildlife week. FFS, doesn’t anyone in this group do a full days work?? Not sure how I’ll accomplish this bearing in mind I’m at work 3 days. 🥴 Well stay tooned, I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

365 ~October 3rd ~ 9th

This week is all about change. It’s called ‘picture more’ week, which according to the laydeez means it “is ‘technical week’. The prompts will let you explore your creativity with a technical agenda”. So now you know. We’ve had ‘patterns’ and ‘motion’ and ‘shutter speed’ but this week the overall theme is ‘change’. I can’t see how that is a technical thing, so am declaring the whole week an AFAC, but hey ho, not much makes sense in this 365. Anyway, onwards to the pictures!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.  HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also, maybe swearing happens

Day 276 ~ mindful. ~ Fall is my favorite season.  Nature feels like it is settling down, getting ready to rest.  For those of you in the southern hemisphere, nature is beginning to wake up from that long rest of winter.  In either case, things are changing.  The light is changing.  The colors around us are changing.  Perhaps even our mindset is changing. This week, we are going to take a mindful look at what is happening around us.  Be intentional with your photos.  Make this a week of introspection.

Pfft. Mindful. This whole prompt rings with HDBS so I ignored being mindful 🙄 and introspective and just went for ‘change’. I know, I know, nothing wrong with a bit of digging about in the soul and being all self aware, but I did that already the other week, and this is photography, not psychology 101! Anyway Sophie and I went out again today and I found this tree changing colour, so I mindfully shot it.


Day 277 ~ hole.~ So the prompt word is a bit strange today; hole!  I didn’t know which way to go with it myself.  But then I found a photo of this tree in Central Park from back in October 2017.  I bet that hole is a slightly different shape these days.  It caught my eye as it was heart shaped; and you know that when you find a hole in a tree that is a shape you are going to take a photo! What shaped hole will you find today? Has it maybe changed over time? 

Strange??? More like a CBBP! I was working all day so didn’t get chance to look for holey trees. I did take pictures inside peoples ears with my video otoscope, but I couldn’t really use those. Phil to the rescue (again!) and his jeans for doing D.I.Y in. (He doesn’t go out in them). ‘Change’ as that hole started out quite small back in the day.


Day 278 ~ Wonder. Nature’s Wonder Physalis alkekengi.  Also known as Chinese Lantern. I am always amazed by these plants that seem to decide when it is fall by just suddenly turning orange.  Find some wondeous fall foliage today….or just something wonderful!

Wondeous? I like it! Another work day for me and I was proper knackered when I got home. I couldn’t think of anything wondeous to do with change. However it came to mind we have had a change of furniture, i.e Sophie gave us the cat tree for Winnie and Lord Vincent. Winnie has claimed it as her own, and won’t let him on it, but when she was out he snuck up there, wondeous that he could fit on it! 🤣


Day 279 ~ Leaf. ~ Lori’s Phone Challenge:  1)Take your Leaf photos solely with the phone today. 2)Edit the images on your phone, don’t transfer them to the computer. 3)Try one editing app – if you just try one, I recommend Prisma to play with the pop art. 4) Play with it, have fun and see what you can create! 5)Post to the group on Facebook and/or Instagram right from your phone.

*Sigh* well at least it isn’t an AFAC. I found a leaf, shot it with the hipstamatic app on my phone. Tried a few different iterations with it and decided on this one. Didn’t post it to Facebook as I don’t post on there except for Happy Birthdays and the like to family, and I gave up Instagram as that’s AAF all by itself.


Day 280 ~ Bedtime. ~ Change can bring a sense of sadness sometimes.  That is especially true for me with the photo I’m sharing for our prompt of “bedtime” today.  Looking up at the bunkbed where my oldest slept while camping and seeing his not-so-small feet anymore is incredible to me.  Those 14-year-old feet are as big as his dad’s now.  Physically, I see this young man looking down at me (now that he towers over me) and at the very same time I still see my baby boy and that, my friends, will NEVER change.  I am proud and thrilled and excited to watch all my children grow into the amazing people they are becoming, but it’s fast…  faster than I ever could have expected.  And if I could change anything in this world, it would be that – just to slow time down a bit…  

Yes well, we’d all like time to slow down a bit I’m sure. But that’s no reason to use Bedtime as a prompt really. AAFP folks! As if I’m going to take a photo at 1am! 🙄 So I faked bedtime in the spare room and changed the duvet to the winter setting.

fake bedtime

but then after I finished, I spotted Winnie settling down on our bed, and she changes her sleeping places regularly, so I took a picture of her too. So a twofer for bedtime.


Day 281 ~ sparkling. My niece turned 40 this year.  Moving from one decade to another is always a big change and one that’s not always easy to accept!  I made this sparkly t-shirt and wine tumbler for her for her birthday.  I can’t wait to give it to her.  It will pair well with her sparkling personality. What sparkling way can you show change?

Sparkling is my favourite word, verb or adjective. I invented another new abreviation for a prompt! AWP! Got to give credit when it’s due, which isn’t often really. I had an instant idea and got lucky with the weather. Off I went in the Mint~Mobile to see the sparkly sea. The body of the sea itself wasn’t sparkly, but the tide was running back to it, and making lots of little rivulets and islands of smooth sand and the sun sparkled them all up. And it was constantly changing. I had a lovely time photographing it all. Best prompt yet!


Day 282 ~ Folded. We are exploring change this week. Are you a person who embraces change or resists it? How about in your photography?  Today’s prompt is “folded.” The example photo is a simple magazine that has been changed just by folding the pages. What can you change today by folding?  You can fold paper, or bend light, or even fold your body. What will it be?

What the dickens has ‘folded’ got to do with being a person who embraces or resists change? Anyone? Nope, me neither. 🙄 Anyway, I thought of doing a laundry shot, though I’ve done a similar one for an earlier prompt, but then I thought of origami, but have done a couple of paper boats before. So I decided to do a crane, it wasn’t easy, though the youtube tutorial said it was, so maybe I’m just bad at it, anyhow the crane was so shonky I decided to go back to the ironing shot. That was a change of mind! I am winning at change!


And that’s another week gone woo-hoo! What’s not woo~hoo is next week which, as you were probably expecting dear reader, is a sodding selfie week. Stay tooned 🥴.

365 ~Sept 26th ~ October 2nd

This week it’s back to a colour theme, and this time it’s purple. I do like purple but don’t really possess much of anything with that colour, flowers come in handy this week. Not too bad a week, though still some eye-rolling prompts to get through!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt. Also, maybe swearing happens.

Day 269 ~ Statue. ~Today’s prompt may tax your brain and creativity. A purple statue? Now is the time to think out of the box. The statue doesn’t have to actually be purple (although that would be fabulous)! Perhaps you can drape something purple around the statue? Or you can stand with it while wearing purple? Find a purple prop to include in the shot? Get the idea? My sample photo was taken in downtown St. Louis. I loved all of the purple flowers reflecting on the statue. If you absolutely cannot figure this one out, think about something that stays very still (statue-like), and include the color purple!

This week Sophie came back from Spain (yay!) so wanted to do a photography trip and we chose today (Sunday) as the weather was forecast better than Saturday. The petrol crisis had just started, though I managed to get some easily, but I didn’t want to go too far just in case. Even so I decided Wynyard Country Park might be nice as we hadn’t been there before and it looked OK on the webpage. I suppose I should have gone looking for a statue but to be honest I know of no purple ones, nor would I ever disgrace myself by draping purple somethings over one. I haven’t got any purple clothes and it is NOT selfie week. But I managed to find a purple (ish) flower staying very still in front of a bunch of other purple (ish) flowers in the park, and figured that would do for me. I know, it’s a stretch. Purple statue indeed. Pfft. AAFP.


Day 270 ~ detail. ~Have you noticed how many different shades of purple there are?  Purples can lean toward blue or red or brown.  If you are a crafter like I am, you become keenly aware of all of the details in the purple possibilities when you are trying to find that perfect color combination for a project. Notice these details in the shades of purple that you encounter today.  Consider what makes each of them unique.  Which shades of purple do you prefer?  Photograph it!

A fab prompt, I like ‘details’ prompts, as I know the macro lens will do the job. Monday was the usual mad work day, so I again relied on flowers. I had some dying ones in a jug (I forget to top up the water 🥴) and one was a cream coloured rose with purple edges, so although this prompt wasn’t an AFAC I made an arty farty shot.


Day 271 ~ Unexpected. ~ It was unexpected that I came across some Stormtroopers trying to put the purple rubber band back into place.What unexpected thing can you find today that is purple?

What a load of tosh. The prompt-lady’s picture was of a rubber band ball with lego stormtroopers climbing up it. As far as I know lego stormtroopers are made of plastic and are not sentient beings, and if they were I don’t think they’d be climbing rubber band balls. Hardly unexpected when she obviously placed them there for the photo. 🙄 Such an AAFP and an AFAC to boot. Again it was a full on work day, and none of my clients presented with unexpectedly purple earwax. Luckily some Johnny-Jump-Ups that I thought had died out had resurrected themselves, as they do, a lot! and that was unexpected and purple.


Day 272 ~ Cloudy. ~ Purple skies are the result of the phenomenon called “scattering”.  Scattering of light by molecules of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere makes the sky blue. But the magical purple colour can form when the air is supersaturated with moisture and storm clouds hang low in the sky.  It is probably unlikely you will actually find a purple sky or clouds!  I was lucky in that my sky was a beautiful mauve.  However, with magic of Lightroom I was able to add a purple filter and ta da….purple skies for you and me! Find some clouds and see what kind of purple magic you can add. Or, find something purple to highlight in the clouds such as a kite, scarf, flag or flower!

Bliddy typical, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky when I got home from work. I’d bought a helium balloon with purple bits in it as I couldn’t be sure of a purple sunset but on top of no clouds, it was windy as Fuerteventura, or Chicago even, so my balloon went mad in the sky and it was nigh on impossible to catch it in a decent composition. Eventually some white fluffies arrived and I managed this shot.


and a shout out to Phil, who got out a step ladder, climbed it, and got my balloon up against the sky! My saviour again!


Day 273 ~ Grateful. Are you seeing Purple everywhere you look? I sure am!  Today let’s jazz up our photos by adding a quote or saying about gratitude! There are a lot of free apps with fun font choices.  Helpful Tip: When you compose your image place your subject on the thirds to allow plenty of space to place your text.  Looking forward to seeing the purple you will be grateful to find! 

I sure am not. This is a total AFAC and AAFP. I am not a fan of quotes written on photo’s, or song lyrics, there’s loads of them and ‘meme’s all over the internet, just not my thing at all. But I did it anyway.


Day 274 ~ Metal. ~ I hope you have better luck than I did finding purple metal today; if not, think of a purple background you can use with pretty metal in front.    

Well stiffen the wombats! A straightforward prompt. My gast is flabbered. It’s been a while. I have a lovely photo frame with a metal purple butterfly on it, and a picture of one of our loveliest cats, Skye, we still miss her.

Day 275 ~ Productive. I’ve often thought what would happen if graffiti artists were as productive in legal art projects as they were with their tagging pursuits. Would they be successful artists?  Graffiti takes a lot of talent.  I think it would be awesome to see what would happen if that talent was used in a more productive manner. Graffiti is usually quite colourful and can be interesting to see.  Since it’s purple week, I photographed some purple graffiti for today’s prompt.  Is there purple graffiti around your neighbourhood that you could snap a shot of today?  If not, what other way could you define productive?    .

I am thinking this lady has not visited Toronto or ever heard of Banksy. Also she sounds very judgemental. I’m sure if graffiti artists wanted to be mainstream artists they would be. “if that talent was used in a more productive manner”. Is art supposed to be done in a ‘productive’ manner?? Also ‘productive’ is just another AFAC and AAFP. Nope, no purple graffiti here and the weather is most inclement. I am not inclined to go out searching for it. Instead I decided taking the picture for today was being productive enough. I photo’d myself writing in my (fake)planner and had today’s prompt up on the screen of my laptop. I don’t actually use a planner, I know people do, and have lovely decorated to-do lists and ‘thought of the day’ in theirs. I bought mine a couple of years ago and managed a couple of weeks but I’m quite good at knowing what needs to be done without writing it down so gave up. Life’s too short.


So that’s another week done, not too bad on the whole I think. Next week is ‘Picture More’ week which is their way of saying a technical week, i.e ‘explore your creativity with a technical agenda’. Like fast and slow shutter speeds weeks were. Although I don’t quite get how the overiding theme of the week ‘change’ equals technical. Sounds more airy fairy to me. Never mind, onward dear reader, ever onward.. stay tooned 😊.

365 ~ September 19th ~ 25th

As I mentioned last week, this week we will be practicing fast shutter speed photography. I did a lot of that a couple of weeks ago in the ‘motion’ week so wasn’t overly enthused. Consequently the second half of the week my photo’s went to rat-shit, oh well, only 90 odd days left to go, I can bear it!

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt. Also, maybe swearing happens.

Here we go….

Day 262 ~ Declutter. ~ I decluttered my hands by getting rid of this butterfly confetti.  I used as fast of a shutter speed as I could with the light that I had available.  My shutter speed was 1/320.  As a result you can see the movement of the butterflies as they fall from my hand.  Some appear crisper that others. If I had used a faster shutter speed I might have frozen the movement more and had more of the butterflies in focus.  However, I like that there is the illusion of movement. Take the opportunity today to declutter your environment.  Use a fast shutter speed and show us how you declutter!

Oh CBBP straight up! How reaching is that prompt?? Who ‘clutters’ their hands with butterfly confetti I ask you?? No-one, that’s who. 🤦‍♀️ I would think for most sane people, decluttering means opening up drawers and cupboards and the like, throwing useless stuff away and tidying up what’s left. If you do have butterfly confetti in the house it will no doubt be in a box or package of some sort and you can tidy it into a space in the cupboard or throw the box away if you’re not intending ever to go to a wedding again. You don’t tip them all out into your hands and chuck them about which, as it happens, is cluttering the bliddy floor up! AAFP! Seriously, my eyes hurt with rolling.

I tidied up my shed shelf and ‘decluttered’the dead flowers. A bit.


Day 263 ~ Energetic. ~ We are freezing the action this week using a Fast Shutter Speed. Hubby and I were on a road trip and came across this old Hydro-Dam. You can just feel the energy as the water cascades over the rocks. Water is very powerful and I always feel the energy when I’m around it.  What makes you feel energetic or produces energy? Do you have any water nearby that you can capture and freeze the action?  The higher the shutter speed, the more crisp and detailed your photo will be.

A work day so no time to go off looking for waterfalls in the evening, but we have the embodiment of ‘energetic’ living with us, so the prompt was taken care of.


Day 264 ~ Prompt Free. ~ Prompt Free Days often bring to mind the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”  Some days, we feel restricted by the prompt, but on other days, no specific prompt makes us feel lost by having no point of departure. Think about these prompt free days as a check-in as to how this project is changing you. What do you notice that you would have overlooked previously? What small moments in you day now feel bigger and call to be documented? Today is a blank canvas for which all of the other prompts have prepared you. Keep our eyes open and have fun!

This was a work day too but in the evening I was watering the plants and had a go at freezing the water drops coming out of the watering can. Not entirely successful as although I managed to get my shutter speed up to 8000 I had not enough light to cope with that so dropped the aperture to f2.8 and so got blurry drops anyway. Needed either to shoot in better light to up the aperture, or crank out the flash! It was a good lesson for me though and I know now how I’d do it better, so 👍 for this prompt 👎 for the photo.

prompt free ~ fast shutter

Day 265 ~ Catch ~Sometimes in life things happen fast and you need to get that one shot of something moving.  These two are often found chasing each other.  What I tend to do is to put my shot selection to high speed continuous shooting so that I can rattle off a few shots.  Also, I select on my Canon AL SERVO – or Nikon (AL-C). This autofocus mode is useful for tracking moving subjects and for focusing at very shallow depth of field (wide apertures) when shooting hand-held in very close-up situations. The question is does Jasper ever catch Kaya? What are you going to catch today?

Another work day so I asked Phil to be my muse yet again and had him throwing a ball up in the air and catching it. Various garden acoutrements were accosted by the ball along the way. 🙄 No damage done though 😊.


Day 266 ~ Ring. ~ Ring of Fire.  I captured the moon glowing orange through forest fire smoke. The moon is a fast moving target!  It moves quickly so you need to use a fast shutter speed to capture it.  The best settings for a great moon shot are ISO 100, an aperture between f5.6 and f11, and a shutter speed between 1/125 and 1/250. You will need to use a tripod to avoid vibrations. If the moon isn’t your thing, or simply is not a possibility, perhaps try photographing a scarf twirling in a circle, a ball in motion, or a tire spinning!  Have fun with fast shutter speed.

Well I’ve shot the moon before quite successfully so figured I”d do it again easy enough, and the weather forecast showed partial clouds so shouldn’t be a problem. Stupid me. Clouds, lots of clouds. The camera was all set up ready to go and I kept checking to see if there was any sign of the moon. Eventually a small and brief break in the sky happened and I ran outside with the tripod, switched the camera on and couldn’t see a thing through it. With the clouds ever encroaching again I employed panic mode quickly switching the camera to auto and took a shot just before the moon was covered over again. Of course then the shot was rubbish, the shutter speed too slow etc. Hands up, I did consider using one of my good efforts, but that’s too much cheating for me so here is the damn shot I took.

Also Mrs Cocktail~Dress must have been smoking something funny because there really wasn’t a ‘ring of fire’ around her moon shot, and anyway the moon looks nothing like a ring unless it having an eclipse thingy. Just sayin’.


Day 267 ~ 9 O’Clock. ~ It’s our monthly time prompt. You get to show us what’s happening at 9 o’clock in your world? Whether you decide morning or night remember it is fast shutter week so try to freeze the action that’s going on around you! By 9 pm it is all quiet here at the beach! 

I wasn’t even out of bed at 9am, so had to do 9pm at night. At 9pm on a Friday night we are in our music room with a couple of beverages, the cat, and playing records and discs etc. Not much action to freeze (other than Winnie sniffing the floor) so I gave up on fast shutter speed and just took a 7 second shot. Rebel.

9 O’Clock

Day 268. ~ Room + song lyrics. ~Evette was thrilled when I asked her to jump on my bed!  Giggle!  She has a loft bed so she isn’t able to do this in her own room.  Once you find your room today – room to grow, room to breathe, a bedroom (or any room in your house for that matter) – see how you can add a subject that moves quickly causing you to use a fast shutter speed. For Eve jumping on the bed, my shutter speed was 1/250.  Then, add some song lyrics to your photo and you’re done.  

🤦‍♀️. Giggle?? She won’t be laughing when the springs go b’doyng and the bed legs snap. The Evette child is not a small tot. This is an AFAC anyway, I did a room the day before. Sigh. And really not much action goes on in any of our rooms, not any acton I’d be photographing and showing people anyhoo, maybe the kitchen but I’ve done that before. Sigh. This is a double AFAC for song lyrics too. Sigh. Phil to the rescue again as I heard him in his modelling room shouting at his computer and bashing the keyboard in a violent manner whilst attempting to purchase a DVD of an Amanda Marshall concert. The song lyrics I used are by the incomparable Joe Walsh, entitled ‘Analog Man’ which Phil most certainly is. 🤣


So that was the week that was. A bit of a damp squib really and not very inspiring sorry, but hey ho we’re doing another colour week next time which is purple! I have nothing purple. 🥴

365 ~ September 12th ~ 18th

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt.

Also there may be swearing.

Here we are again in Sodding Selfie week. I didn’t think this one would be too awful as we are focusing just on our hands. But I was wrong dear reader. A particularly silly set of prompts this week, and a fair amount of WTF? moments for me. Nevertheless, the week was completed and we can now move on.

Day 255 ~ Calm. ~ Picture You weeks are my favorite!  This week is going to be especially wonderful because we are going to focus on hands.  I found an opportunity to capture what ‘calm’ means to me by capturing my hubby’s hands while he was snoozing on the couch.  These hands have been an unbelievable source of calm for me for the 17 years we have been together.  I decided to convert my photo to black and white to add to the feeling of calm today as well.  I can’t wait to see the calm hands you all share with us today. 

Wait what?? Hubby’s hands? Did she completely misunderstand this is selfie week? I mean, she’s one of the ladies who runs this bliddy show! I’m classing this as an AAFP even though ‘calm’ isn’t a problem per se, doing a picture the rest of us are not supposed to do is a bit not cricket! Anyway, these are my hands being calm, even if I wasn’t.


Day 256 ~ Hands. ~ It’s macro Monday!  I find that the details in people’s hands tell you a lot about them.  This photo captures three generations of hands.  From the smooth one of the 3 year old to the more worn one of the 60 year old.  Getting in close emphasizes the differences in the hands. What can getting in close tell us about the hands you capture today?

That wasn’t this ladies hands in the picture either by the looks of it. They’re all cheaters! AAFP!


Day 257 ~ Little-by-Little. This week is all about hands. Today we are taking a photo that includes OUR OWN hands. Just as the prompt photo conveys, little by little it will get done if we keep working at it. What do you accomplish with your hands? Little by little? It could be a craft project, or a house project, or cleaning house, or planting seeds, or preparing meals.

Just WTF? “Today we are taking a photo that includes OUR OWN hands.” It’s sodding selfie week!!! Every day should be our own hands!! Come along!!! These ladies have not got the hang of it at all, this is no way to run a railroad. And little-by-little?? Per-leeze 🙄 A double AAFP. That’s a first. To start with I couldn’t think of anything I’m doing little-by-little except going bonkers in this challenge. But I am putting together zines and books of our travels, and that’s going slowly so it will do.


Day 258 ~ Grass. ~ September often marks the change in seasons, cooler weather for those of us in the northern hemisphere and warmer for those in the southern.  Wherever you are, this is a good time of year to head out for some fresh air and play.  At my house, playing outside in the grass consists of Frisbee throwing, endless games of fetch, and a little training with the dog.Today’s prompt also includes our monthly Where I Stand photo.  Take a few minutes to play in some grass.  Enjoy the feel, the color, the smell.  Photograph how you play in the grass today.

*Sigh*. The week just kept getting worse. This lady didn’t even have her hands in her photo, just her legs and a blurry dog. And ‘play in the grass’?? Pfft! are we 5yrs old now??? The AAFP’s are on a roll. Anyway I ‘played’ (pfft) with Lord Vincent on the lawn. Which in real life means I put some Dreamies for him to find on top of one of the illumination devices. And I left out my hands and just shot my feet for the ‘from where I stand’ bit, sauce, goose, gander!


Day 259 ~ Stretch. ~ Do you remember Cat’s Cradle game? As a child, I spent hours playing Strings (it’s how we call it in Poland), always having a piece of the string in my pocket, ready to take it out and stretch between my hands every time I found someone with whom to play!  Show us what you can stretch between/in your hands today, or a hand(s) stretch. Or, stretch the prompt as far as you want to and show us what your day is about. Remember to include your hands if possible; it is what we try to do today. Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy!

We really are visiting our ‘inner child’ (pfft) it seems. This prompter used some kid’s hands and not her own too. So that annoyed me too as she was a ‘guest prompter’ so should have been on point. Stretch was easy enough though.

Day 260 ~ Routine ~ “Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.” – Clint Eastwood. “My daily routine is to make every day the best day.” – David Wolfe. We all have routines.  Some routines can seem mundane, such as doing daily household chores.  Even chores, though, can be enjoyable if you achieve a sense of accomplishment from them.  I think a good routine can enrich our lives by providing discipline for a healthy lifestyle.  I work out daily.  It is my number one priority and my routine is like clockwork. Look for the magic in your routine today.  What routines make you happy?  Remember it is ‘hands’ week so ‘hands up!”

Well at least Mrs.Cocktail~Dress knows the rules and used her own hands for her example photo! And a straightforward prompt! Happy days! I wash my hair on Sundays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Not magic but it makes me happy to have clean tresses 😁.


Day 261 ~ Invincible. ~ What makes you feel Invincible? A lucky charm, a sparkly pair of shoes, a fitness class, finally wrangling your grandkids for a nap, a clean workspace…or maybe it’s your morning coffee?  You can share your secret with us! 

Facepalm time. 🤦‍♀️. And an AFAC. And no hands in her example picture either, just her feet and a coffee mug. 🙄 This is a ridiculous prompt so I did a ridiculous image as I’d had enough. There is no way a pair of sparkly shoes will make anyone invincible. I wish I owned a Samurai sword or an AK47 for it.


So that’s that! A complete shit-show as far as I’m concerned. Only 3 months to go by which time I’ll be sectioned I think. Anyway dear reader, stay tooned for next week when we are doing fast shutter speed photography, which is about the same as we did in ‘motion’ week so nothing new really.