Day 285~366

The weather has turned crappy here, and it’s cold and rainy and forecast to be so all week. ¬†We were a bit fed up about it, but Frego amused herself by taking selfies with Skego, and adding filters and the like to them for her instagram account ūüôā Apparently this is my 1000th post here on WP! Yay, go me!  

Day 284~366

I was telling Frego about my ‘tree’ month back in May, and how much I’d had fun doing it, so she asked me to take her to see it so she could get a couple of shots there herself. There were big black clouds just creeping up so Frego shot the tree with them behind her to get a bit of blue sky before it got eaten up. ¬†Then she wanted to climb the tree and do a shot of the landscape. And on the way home she spotted the graffiti wall, “what does it mean?” she asked me..  …

Day 283~366

We had plans for a grand day out today, but the cat’s been a bit poorly and didn’t want to go too far. ¬†The weather wasn’t as nice a yesterday either, ¬†but around 5ish it seemed we might get a nice sunset. ¬†Frego thought we should get somewhere close to home on higher ground than where we live so we could get some cool shots, so I took her up to the Angel. ¬†There was a low bank of thick grey clouds on the horizon, so knew the sunset wasn’t going to be great, but for a little while ¬†the…

Day 282~366

A sunny morning here but too busy with chores to take advantage of it. ¬†By the time I’d finished it was cloudy and spots of rain started up. ¬†Never mind said Frego, lets go out anyway and see if we can find somewhere interesting, maybe the birds at the wildfowl trust. ¬†But as we set off we could see in the distance a band of beautiful blue sky, and it was in the direction of the sea! Frego loves being by the sea more than anywhere else, so off we went to South Shields again, but this time to Sandhaven…

Day 281~366

Well we got up really early and went off to the sea to see the sun¬†come up. Which it did, but unlike the past few days there was an abominable amount of cloud, so we¬†didn’t see it at all ūüė¶ ¬†On top of that the air was chilly¬†and¬†the wind was blowing a hooley, so I wished ¬†we’d stayed in bed really. But the sea was wild and noisy so¬†little Frego was undaunted and went to try and get some dramatic B&W shots.

Day 280~366

We are still getting some sunny spells so this afternoon Frego and I went off to South Shields to take some pictures at the beach. We took some shots of The Groyne and the harbour entrance and then when walking up the beach we saw one of the Great North Snowdogs, so Frego wanted to take some of him. The Great North Snowdogs are 61 large scale Snowdog sculptures, decorated by artists and inspired by the much loved animated short film, The Snowman‚ĄĘ and The Snowdog. St Oswald‚Äôs Children‚Äôs Hospice has teamed up with Wild in Art to stage Tyne…

Day 277~366

A good thing about summer ending~sunrise is later! Lovely misty one today. ¬†Got up early with¬†Frego and watched it come up over the houses. ‘I am one who eats his breakfast, gazing at morning glories’. Basho