South Shields Food Fair ~ May 2018 ~ part 2

More photo’s from the fair,

Never mind Bizarre, bacon flavoured chocolate is all kinds of wrong! 🤮


Dragon’s Breath (which is what you’d have if you ate bacon chocolate.)


No damn reaping here! Scary sauce!


a mini Bar-B-Q


I had a go at ‘doing a Joblin’ which is to say, trying to do people, (which I’m mostly rubbish at as I don’t like pointing my camera at people I don’t know in case they lump me one), a bit like street photography (like my mate John Joblin does on his excellent blog HERE) only in a park. 😀  Also I made up what I thought their faces are showing, you can do your own 🙂

Are you sure??


That’s it. I’m getting a divorce.


Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot!


I’m too cool to be here really, but there might be fit birds.


What the heck is that girl doing?


I can do it! C’mon legs!!


Good grief, she has the grace of a drunken camel, I can’t bear to watch.


YES!!! Perfect 10! Go me! Olympics here I come!


Crap! Me leg’s escaping!


That’s the end of our trip to the fair.

Full album can be found HERE

and as always the photo’s here are clickable to embiggen


Stay tooned

South Shields Food Fair ~ May 2018

Sophie and I love a good food fair, most of the stalls have free tasters which we take advantage of whenever possible, we buy stuff you can’t really get in Tesco’s and have a cool lunch from one of the stalls.  I love to unleash the camera on some unsuspecting people for a change too. Back in May, we went to the one at Bent’s Park on the seafront and were not disappointed with the wares available.

Say Cheese!!! (The orange & whisky cheese was yummy!)


Interesting chocolate. Forgot to buy some :/


These otter go well with tonic!


The garlic lady. (Bought a peeler/mincer/storage jar from here. 🙂


and the rest!! 🙂


The Tempted


The Temptress


Making friends


Buy Two…


The War on Mundane begins

That’ll do for part 1 I think, don’t want you falling asleep.

Stay tooned for Part 2 coming soon to a screen near you. 🖥