Camel Parade South Shields~ Dec 2017 ~ Part 2

Part 1 HERE

After the drummers finished it was time to walk down and find a good spot to set up the tripods for the firework display over the sea. On the way I took a couple of shots of the illuminated people and strange looking Father Christmases

I have no idea what he represented. 🙂
I would be scared if they came down the chimney!
Normal (ish) people getting chips and gravy 🙄

So on to the fireworks, which I only get to practice once a year at this event, so this is my 2nd ever attempt. Marginally better than my 1st attempt last year, but that’s not saying much!

Full album HERE

and a little video so you can hear the snap, crackle & pop 🙂

Yep, that was it!

Stay tooned dear readers, though I’m not sure for what as yet, no sign of Sophie so far this year, so that’s the last of the reports for now.

In the meantime I shall plod along alone on Fraggles Other Place  so pop along and say hi if you miss me, which of course you will! 🤪

Day 337~366

This evening Sophie and I went to South Shields to attend the Camel parade, a christmassy thing with stilt people, drummers, fireworks and stuff. Now before anyone gets excited about camels, when the parade came down they were travelling so fast I hit the wrong button on my camera and didn’t get a decent shot of one. There was a herd of people following behind and we got swamped into it and couldn’t run to get in front of them and try again.  So no camels in this post 😦   But I did get a few shots of stilt walkers



and some of the drummers, they were amazing!


and learned that I have no idea how to shoot fireworks, I can see a youtube tutorial coming up!




of course, all these belong to my ‘light’ theme this month, so am going to choose the top one as my fave for the day. When I go through the rest of the photo’s if there are anymore decent ones, there’ll be a fraggle report for next year.


Day 310~366

Firstly Olá Brazil!  Not sure what’s going on but have had 48 visitors from there today so far which engendered one of those ‘stats spike’ notifications. You’d have thought one of them would say hi, but they didn’t, came and went like ghosts through a graveyard. WordPress has some strange goings on sometimes.


Anyway, back to us, just you and me 🙂

Today is Nov 5th Guy Fawkes night for us Brits, for any of my Brazilian pals, or followers from other lands, you may not know of this tradition, so I’ll give you a quick run down on it.

On the 5th November 1605 a bunch of Catholics plotted to assassinate the protestant King James 1st and replace him with a Catholic head of state.   They stuck a heap of explosives under The House of Lords, and Guy Fawkes was set to guard them.  Someone betrayed them all and Guy was caught along with the others, and they all were tortured,  hung, and chopped into pieces.Londoners were encouraged to celebrate the King’s escape from assassination by lighting bonfires and an act of parliament designated each 5 November as a day of thanksgiving for “the joyful day of deliverance”, and remained in force until 1859.    So We have celebrated this event 🙄 ever since, with bonfires, an effigy of Guy Fawkes, (known as ‘The Guy”) which is put on top of the bonfire and burnt as well.  We set off fireworks and have baked potatoes, sausages and parkin. I mean, that’s 411 years we’ve been turning a botched terrorist attack into one of the most fun days of the year, funny lot us Brits. 🙂

Anyway I’ve been taking photo’s for The Sunday Challenge which is all about Bonfire night and I’ll include them here.

It rained cats and dogs today and I didn’t think it would be any good for doing fireworks.


But I thought at least I’d get chance to have a traditional bonfire night baked potato dinner, and my photo for the challenge was to be a sparkler stuck in a baked potato, that worked quite well as the rain stopped tonight.


the dinner was yummy, baked potato with a bacon, onion,cheese mash filling 🙂 a sausage and some beans. It was lush!


I did my crystal ball shot earlier on, in the middle of the rain the sun peeped out and illuminated the view from my bedroom window, looked fab against the grey sky, so I captured it in the orb.


Saturday night is Movie night in our house, and tonight we are doing more recent history, Irish this time, about a chap called Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson. Phil’s choice so it’ll probably be grim and not have a happy ending. But I’ll have learned something new so that’s the payoff. 🙂

Have a great weekend wordy peeps 🙂