The Sunday Fraggle report

I haven’t been on any day trips, but have always got cameras of some kind at the ready, so this is just a bits and bobs post. I have been travelling for work though and made use of the iphone. The first is of Skiddaw mountain and Lake Bassenthwaite in Cumbria, if you’ve followed my little blog for a while you’ve seen photo’s of it before, but it looks different every time I stop to see it, one day I’ll collect them all together and post them all in one go.

Lake BAssenthwaite & Skiddaw
Lake Bassenthwaite & Skiddaw (hipstamatic)

I love the little church in the clearing by the lake, one day I’ll get to visit it.

That was my Westward journey and then the next day I was Northward bound to Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders, somewhere new for me.

Eyemouth (hipstamatic)
Eyemouth (hipstamatic)

Last weekend we had a visit from Phil’s son Carl and the grandkids, Livvy had decided to wear her brother’s Batman swimming shorts over her jeans, I thought that was cute 🙂

Livvy~ fashion Icon. (fuji XT1)
Livvy~ fashion Icon. (fuji XT1)

The cats are still driving us mad, Skye is mad for chasing a lazer pen light around the house, and Storm is still over eating and then chucking up. Last night Phil forgot to put the lid on the cat biscuit box, eventually this morning…well… it wasn’t pretty!

Trouble & Strife
Trouble & Strife (iphone5)
cuddles (nikon S1)
awwww (nikon S1)
awwww (nikon S1)

Cooked a sunday lunch last week which was lush, I love using the herbs I grown in pots in the garden,

herbs & garlic
herbs & garlic (fujiXT1)

We’ve had a couple of sunny days lately, and had a couple of Bar B Q’s

Master Chef
Master Chef (polaroid 600)

We’ve also had some rainy days..

rain on my garden chairs
rain on my garden chairs (fuji XT1)

I’ve also been doing some faffography with potato shop, for the Sunday challenge group over at Ipernity (which is like old flickr)

Under the sea
Under the sea (fuji XT1)

The challenge was to take a shot with in camera processing (I shot the shells with a Tungsten WB setting) then do some post processing. So I made an underwater scene.

Last Sunday we had to do man made bokeh, which involves cutting a shape out of cardboard, then putting it on the front of a lens so any lights in the distance become the same shape as the cutout, whilst you focus on an object nearer (thus making the background lights blurry).

Starry night
Starry night (fuji XT1)

This week the theme was chairs, and I’ve got a rotten cold so didn’t feel like going out, I used my garden chairs and made them fly 🙂

flying chairs
flying chairs (fuji XT1)

my super hubby helped out for that!

super hubby!
super hubby! (fuji XT1)

and a bit of faffography for no reason except I wanted to fractal one of the owl pics from last weeks outing to Segedunum

Glowy Owl
Glowy Owl (fuji XT1 – processed on iPhone 6)

Hope this cold goes away soon. 😦 Phil is cooking Lamb in red wine sauce for our dinner this evening really looking forward to that. And as always on a Sunday, I’m back to work tomorrow. Am having a trip out with Sophie on Thursday to a new Cat Cafe (as if I needed more cats in my life!) in Newcastle, where you can have lunch with cats!  Photo’s of that for sure and then some of Newcastle.

Laters Gaters






The senility report ~ our 5 a day.

It was Phils birthday this week on Monday and I had to work, but in the evening we went to Phil’s model club, as one of the modellers, Dave, who runs AFV magazine was doing a talk on photographing models and I wanted to go along. (By the way we are talking model tanks/planes/ships etc, not ladies or gentlemen models.) It was a good night, we went into Newcastle on the metro and I took a shot of Central Station, which is a beautiful building.

Central Station Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Central Station Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (iPhone6)

Dave’s talk was really interesting and I loved seeing his set up, he has a Nikon D800 and some cool gear.

Dave showing his skills
Dave showing his skills (Iphone6)

Afterwards there was chatting and tea drinking, and a fab night for me as I’d never been to the club before, inspite of being an honorary member, (I run the Faceache page for the club and used to do model figures).

The club
The club

Did not take any photo’s on my travels this week, but did make a panorama of my shots of County Durham

County Durham pano
County Durham pano

and my blogger friend Francis post gave me the idea to do it portrait, before then I’d always tried pano’s in landscape mode duh!!

I saw one of those pithy sayings over on Faceache, “I love being over 50, I learn something new every day, and forget 5 other things.” That’s me and Phil 🙂  I forgot to post a couple of my faffing about shots in my last Faffing report so here they are:-

Original shot
Original shot
Eucalyptus 1
Eucalyptus 1
Eucalyptus 2
Eucalyptus 2

and I orbed one of my other faffs which I also forgot to post.

Fraggled Flowers Orb
Fraggled flowers Orb

Today I’ve been doing a HDR for my Sunday Challenge, of Phil’s hairdresser car 😉 and we had a traumatic journey to get it to the carwash as Phil didn’t want me to take a shot of it being mucky.  We had to go to B&Q to replace a bulb on the way, actually to return a bulb already purchased by Phil a couple of days beforehand, but he’d forgot to check the size and bought the wrong one. So we got to B&Q and did the swap, Phil nearly had a heart attack at the cost of the bulb, £15!!!  I bought a new orchid whilst I was there, its spotty, (polaroid in SX70 section) and then we went off to the carwash. Except we nearly didn’t as Phil took the wrong road on the way home.  Phil has lived in this area for 50 ++++ years, and B&Q is only 4.6 miles up the road, and we’ve been there many many times, but the way home is one of the 5 things he forgot for today I guess. Anyway we did make it to the car wash, except we went in the wrong entrance , but managed to get to it through the petrol station.

car wash
car wash

After we went through the washing machine Phil remembered (yay) he needed to put some air in the tyre, so back round we went and this time got stuck behind all the people putting petrol in their cars. Of course we were stuck behind a slow old person who was filling up a huge 4×4 and took forever to pay at the pump. Luckily one of the other lanes opened up and Phil manoeuvred round to get to the air pump just as another guy slipped in before him. I think we must have been about an hour at the car wash altogether!! Anyway we got home and the replacement bulb doesn’t work 😀 :D, Phil will have to take it back on his own next time, I may never see him again.


Anyway here is the cleaned car in glorious technicolour HDR’d before I forget……


5 bracketed shots Nikon D700 28mm lens, photomatix &Nik FXpro

Tomorrow I’m off out on a photography trip with my pal  Sophie, it’s been ages since we did one and am really looking forward to it, keeping fingers xt for good weather.

laters gaters 😉