The York Report 1 -streets of York.

SO here we go, the series start of my photo’s from York, this may take some while :). The History Bit York is ancient! Mesolithic items have shown up in digs around the area, that’s 7/8000 yrs BC to you and me, then the British tribes of the Brigantes & the Parisii before the Romans took it over after the conquest of Britain (Spaghetti Bolognese is still this present day England peoples favourite meal to cook 😉 ) It was the Romans who really put it on the map. During the conquest the Brigantes became a Roman client state, but, when their leadership changed…

Independence Day (not)

Over here across the pond, our nations are undergoing a possible rupturing come September when Scottish people have to decided if they wan’t to stay part of the UK, or become an independent country. There’s a whole heap of political hoo hah going on.  I wonder if when I visit the client I gained today, I will have to show my passport at this particular point!