Day 194 & 195~366

Two 2 day posts in a row, life gets in the way of posting sometimes,  but not of doing a picture.  Last night I asked my hubby to do shadow animals for me but it was harder than we thought! We looked up on the www. to see how to do them properly, but we think Phils hands are made differently to the ones in the pictures we found :D, anyway here we have it, a fox, a dog and 2 rabbits 😀 😀 honest!!

day 194

Today has been a brilliant day, as Sophie and I finally got our trip to the Farne Islands. The weather was changeable but a lot of blue sky and sea, and puffins!!  We are desperate to shoot puffins flying and get them in focus, but we are quite pants, in spite of reading up on it, setting our cameras to burst mode etc etc, Puffins are mighty fast I can tell you!  I got lots of pictures of empty sky 😀 , and a blurry wing flying out of the edge of the frame, but we didn’t give up, and I think I got a couple of decent ones. Anyways, it was a fab day out and to finish it off, unexpectedly a pod of dolphins turned up on the way back to land, and I got some shots!! Yippee.  Will definitely do a report was soon as I’ve sorted the pictures out.

This evening when I got home, the sun was still shining, and I noticed the shadow that our fence casts on the lawn.