“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful… This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”Agnes De Mille “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”Friedrich Nietzsche “In a society that worships love, freedom, and beauty, dance is sacred. It is a prayer for the future, a remembrance of the past and a joyful exclamation of thanks for the present.” Amelia Atwater-Rhodes “One step, two steps, three steps; like winds of time experience joy of centuries, when movements…

WWT April 2018 – part 2 – Dancing Birds

Part 1 HERE Springtime is always fun for the birds at the WWT, they all seem very perky and dancing about.       Not everyone wanted to join in           1 point for each, if you know who sang the songs I used for the captions 🙂   SaveSave