Day 76~366

Out of all the square treats so far this month, tonight is my favourite. 🙂 After Eight mint chocolate thins were one of my Mum’s favourites too. Invented by Brian Sollitt they came on the  market in 1962 and were supposed to be after dinner chocolates.  Mum didn’t have dinner parties, but she’d get a box now and then at a weekend and we’d sit at night in her double bed with music on and reading books and stuff ourselves on the little square yummies. It’s the little things….

Day 62~366

Phil’s birthday today, though he’s on nights as I mentioned. I got an early finish and went shopping for his favourite things, chocolate cake, posh whisky, and Lindt chocolates. Not the same as in my daily shot as he isn’t so keen on t he dark stuff, but I am 🙂 You may think they are not quite perfect squares, but you’d be wrong, they are perfectly delicious 🙂